Truth or Dare w/CBlondie

Going out for dinner one night my g/f wanted me to dress in a sexy red one piece outfit that clearly showed my nipples through the stretchy material. There was a matching lacy material that went around the high collar neck around the low slung back and around the bottom of the top and top flowed to below the waist where lacy 4 suspenders hung down and attached to the red lace at the top of the attached stocking. The outfit was too short to be a dress in and of itself, even for me, so I wore a short skirt with it and some nice high heeled shoes. I also wore a light coat over the sheer top until I knew who would be there, but had full intentions of taking the jacket off shortly after arriving. Our dinner was excellent, as it usually was from this place. The waiter was exceptional and at this time I did not know that within a few, months I would be having a threesome with him and his partner after one of these dinners, but that was a different story. When the meal was over we went to the main city park. It was actually an island now connected to the land on one side. It had a reputation for being a place where gays hang out or doggers go, but try as we might we have never seen either on any on our previous excursions there. That aside, it was a beautiful place, well-kept and the scenery was lovely. As has happened a few times, our favourite waiter was over pouring our drinks and my g/f and I were on the edge of intoxication, so a walk in that park really seemed in order and who knew, maybe tonight was going to be the night things would happen and it was. As we strolled along the path we noticed there were a couple of cute younger girls, college age, sitting along the front of the amphitheatre, looking a little like they were actually prospecting(looking for fun) for themselves. I challenged Elaine to stroll by them after pinching her nipples up and getting them nice and erect and pointed in order that the girls would surely notice. She was closer to their age and might be more likely to get a positive reaction to the possible horny state we were anticipating they may have been in. Elaine walked past them about 50 feet and then turned around and walked by them a second time. I think they easily saw the her perky little tits and nipples with the way they were standing out, especially more so the second time by. I figured Elaine must have given them a harder pinch before turning around as they stood out even more than before. Just a moment after Elaine was past where they were sitting the one girl, who appeared to be the more dominant one called out, “Hey, are you looking for someone, or something?”The smile she exhibited made Elaine believe that it was pure lust and Elaine picked up on it immediately. As my horny little girlfriend sidled up to them, the same girl spoke again asking, Elaine if she was looking to party. All Elaine could do was return the smile and tilt her head a bit to the side, looking so coy, but before she had a chance to answer the girl said, “I and my friend here,”motioning to toward the other girl,“would be so into partying with you and the older one”, nodding in my direction, “but this one’s older sister was going to show up any moment to give us a ride home. If we hadn’t made such a big fuss about her coming to get us, we could blow her off and go with you guys but my sweet little darling here,”again gesturing to her friend, “would have hell to pay from her bitchy, prim and proper sister” Elaine graciously told her, “Maybe next time?” and handed her a piece of paper that I joking call Elaine’s business cards. They aren’t of course real business cards because she doesn’t have a business, she is an outpost nurse like myself, but they do have our home phone number and Elaine’s cell number on it with a picture of her face. The girl took the card and looked at it and smiled broadly.. “Yeah, we can call and set a date”, she said as she slipped off the stage and took her friend’s hand helping her down too. The friend said, “A date that would be cool.” Just then car lights started to illuminate the area where we were standing and the two girls let go of each other’s hands. It was obvious that big sister didn’t know that baby sister was lesbian. As they left, Elaine said, “Well I guess we’ll get some young stuff one day in the future. The old cougar’s okay with some young pussy isn’t she?” referring to me and my wide age difference from these girls. “Stop it or I’ll bite you!” I said in a fake growling and fierce sounding voice. “Please do,” Elaine stated as she pushed her pelvis forward and opened her legs just a bit more. Elaine looked at me and suspected that from the cooler air, the horny talk about some young stuff, was what was making my nipples stick out so much as they were, almost a ½ an inch the size of pencil erasers. There was sufficient light where we were standing that my top was still transparent enough that my areolas were very visible through the sheer top as well and Elaine put the tip of her middle finger to the tip of her thumb, making a circle and said, “They are this big around! This is absolutely the way I like them to be when I suck on them.” “Oh, is that my dare? To whip one tit out so you could kiss it and suckle on it, here in public, under the amphitheatre lights?” I asked coyly. “Oh, nothing that easy. I know you’d readily slip a tit out right now to be sucked, and that will happen, just not right now”, she replied. “What then?” sounding a bit impatient and probably a little disappointed. “You always like to be the cock tease when we are out and if someone takes the bait you don’t like to disappoint them. So you always seem to get to have some cock for the night. Tonight what I’m daring you to do is a lap of the park, by yourself. You’ll do a lap of the walk way, all the way around the edge of the whole south side of the park, back to the amphitheater, through the parking lot, down to the playground and back out to the sidewalk and back up to here. Of course, dressed just as you are now. The catch is, if any man speaks to you, you are to stop and say hello, make some comment about the nice evening and see if he wants to strike up a conversation with you. If he does you are to face him, look into his eyes and smile a lot, stick you boobs out for him to get a good look at. I’ll give you 5 minutes to see if he hits on you. If he does you must stay until either you make out with him or he runs out of small talk to hit on you with. If he comes right out with a request for a sex act, you say yes and begin immediately. Either right there or find a place nearby if you need more privacy. Whether you make out with one guy or ten guys you have to do the whole walk and make out with as many guys as make you aware they want it. To keep you honest you will have your cell phone with you on video record so I can listen to the each conversation when you get back.” “Really? I have to do all that?”“Yes, but then you might not have to do anything if nobody is around or if no guy stops to talk”. After a brief pause, “But to make it a bit better for you, if you get a guy to cum on you or in you, or even several guys to do it, I will take you down by the water”, pointing over at the rocks by the bay, “and lick every bit of cum off you and out of you! And you know that’s a big deal because I don’t like the taste of man cum”. “You’d do that for me?” “I’m hoping on one hand I won’t have to. On the other hand I hope half of BLANKville shoots a load on you tonight. Now scoot, getting walking”, Elaine gave me a little push toward the path. “All the way around and back to here, now. I’ll be watching!” As I started out I didn’t see any guys around, but that didn’t matter as I was sure that someone across the field where the path rounded its way back could see my nipples, they stuck out that much. I also had a hot twinge between my legs where my clit wanted a fast and furious rub. I walked a long way without seeing anyone walking towards me. The first people I encountered was a young guy and his g/f. They both were obviously staring at my tits as they walked by, but she shoved him to get his attention back on her. Just as I passed them he glanced over again and was rewarded with me sticking my tits out towards him. Once they were past me their conversation went something like this:Him: did you see what she was wearing? You could see right through it!Her: Of course I did and so did you. Jeeze could you have stared anymore?Him: Well she looked pretty hot.Her: Yes she was very pretty, but she didn’t need to show off her tits like that. Would you want me to wear something like that in public?Him: Really? Would you?Her: Fuck off! After that they were too far past me to hear anything else. I’m not sure what else their conversation was about, but I think he wanted some pussy tonight and I’m pretty sure that at this point she wasn’t going to give him any, lol. Next almost ¾ of the way around to the amphitheater were two teen guys skateboarding by on the path. They were looking long and hard at my breasts. I stopped to see if they would stop. They rode past me, looking back probably wondering if they should have stopped. I figured I was too old, or in reality they were too young for me to even consider, but the idea made me a little more wet between my legs. As soon as I turned back to begin my walk I saw three guys walking toward me at a fairly brisk gate. Now, this path has benches along it, with the back toward the path so when people sit on them they look out over the bay. When these guys were about 50 feet or so away from me I sat on the end of the bench facing toward the direction they were coming from. As they got closer it was obvious that they had been talking about what they were seeing, me, and now they were quietly looking me up and down. I knew my breasts were on display, but I figured they might want a look up my skirt too, so my knees slid open as I pulled my skirt up a few inches and straighten my nylons. I think this left them a bit speechless, but the continued to stare.I spoke first saying, “Hi”. Two of them were very good looking and the third one was pretty good too but in a more rugged looking way. One of the cuter guys was first to reply with quick a hi and the other two followed. Then he asked if I was okay as I looked like I might be in need of something. I said, “I never turn down help when it’s offered, but I don’t know what you could do to help me”. At this point they had stopped beside me and stood in a half circle around me while I continued to sit on the bench, skirt still lifted up and legs apart. I was getting turned on and my nipples along with the cool evenings air had them poking out, dying to be touched or sucked. I slid my way around the bench so that my back was to the path so that there was room for one guy to sit on either side of me and then slid out on the bench so that my skirt slid up even more. The one who spoke to me first before took the suggested offer and sat down saying, “Are you sure there isn’t anything we could do to help the beautiful lady in distress?” “Oh Honey aren’t you sweet to say something so nice to a mature woman, like me. If I wasn’t so much older than you young men I would think you were hitting on me. Since I’m probably twice the age of you young men, that’s probably not happening, even if I offered to repay your kindness with a little something of your choice”, I said with a chuckle. The other two looked on in shock, listening to the conversation their friend was having with this mature sexy woman. There was devilish glint in his eyes as his answer was, “No, it seems you have it all wrong. Because you’re twice my age, I’ll have to have sex with you twice to make up for the difference, that is if you are up for it more than one time”? His friends’ mouth dropped open hearing what the he had said to this strange attractive woman they obviously were having fantasies about.After a few moments when this scenario began to sink in, I looked around at each one and realized that they all had that same hopeful expression on their faces. “Is that the same for all of you?” I asked, still looking from one to the other and the next. “I can’t speak for Jake here” said the other cute one, nodding at the tougher guy, “but I could definitely do you twice.” Then he continued saying with emphasis in each word, “You are fucking hot!”Then, I looked at the one he called Jake who said, “Me, I’ll fuck you three times maybe, cuz I’m like that!” It turns out that Andy was the name of the guy who sat down first and the second cutie’s name was Tommy. It was Tommy who sat on the other side of me. I reached out to both sides and began rubbing my hands over the crotches of Andy and Tommy. Then I leaned forward and kissed the zipper on Jake’s jeans and blew warm air through the material. I could feel his boner jumping to attention faster than the guys whose cocks I was rubbing. I motioned for Jake to take his cock out while Andy was exploring between my legs and as soon as Tommy saw what his buddy was doing he in his inexperienced manner rammed his hand up my skirt and shoved his hand right into my exposed pussy lips. When he realized that his hand was on naked pussy he froze for a moment which gave Andy an opportunity to get his hand up there too. When Andy felt my shaved pussy his comment of, “No panties on tonight, fucking A!” As they continued to explore between my legs I surprised Jake with a big wet sloppy kiss on the end of his cock. I purred to him, “Nice fucking cock, Jake. You will fuck me with that tonight won’t you?” He responded by saying that if I would go home with him tonight he will fuck me with this cock all night long. That caused a bit of an uproar with his buddies as they thought Jake was trying to cut them out of having sex with me tonight. I calmed it all down when I replied, “Let’s just see what happens here in the next while before we get ahead of ourselves. I only asked to have my pussy fucked once tonight so far. I want your friends to have the same options too. How can I go home with everyone unless you all live together? Part of me was hoping they did all lived together, so I could get laid all night by them and there was a part of me that was worried |I might be taking on more than I could handle. As it was they all lived in separate apartments and our evening would be contained to the park, which suited me fine.I stopped speaking and began to suck Jakes fat semi hard cock in my mouth. I let it sit on my tongue for a few moments as I relaxed my throat. Andy and Tommy had each pulled my top over and exposed my breasts. As they sucked my nipples they were fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit, apparently having found a method that they could take turns. I didn’t know who was doing which to my pussy, I just know that it felt really, really good. Once my throat relaxed enough I began swallowing and pulling Jake’s cock down my throat and soon had my nose buried in his pubic hair. I kept on swallowing the motion was sending Jake over the edge. While he began to shoot his load down my throat I was swallowing it all and sucking his balls dry. Jake pulled out with a popping sound. Immediately Andy was pushing his fine young hard cock towards my face. While I began to swallow Andy’s cock, Jake stood next to his buddy and encouraged him to let me swallow his cock into euphoria. “Man, you have never felt anything like that. The way she sucks and swallows and uses her tongue on your shaft as she is doing all this is mind blowing and ball busting. Fuck, the best mouth fuck thing ever.” I would have smiled if I could have, but my lips and jaws were busy. Andy’s response was a groan of pleasure displaying his agreement with Jake’s comment. I was building a great rhythm on Andy’s cock, as he pulled me to my feet. I felt someone lift my skirt over my back and then Tommy began parting my pussy lips with his cock. I never realised how large the head of his cock was until then, but boy he felt great in there. He was taking his time and slowing humping me allowing me to give adequate attention to sucking Andy’s cock. Tommy laid on my back and grabbed a tit in each hand and was enjoying squeezing them and pinching my nipples. Andy blasted off several times down my throat as he let out groans of pleasure and delight. He no sooner finished and pulled his limp dick from my mouth when Jake began telling Tommy, with quite a bit of an urgency sound to his voice, to fuck my mouth, like as if he didn’t start immediately something would change and Tommy’s opportunity would disappear. A quick look into Tommy’s eyes and it was very evident that he was in a world of his own, still slowly and purposefully ploughing that fat headed cock in and out of my quivering cunt. Actually he felt so good I didn’t want him to change what he was doing> My breasts loved the way he was m*****ing them and caressing them, but I had to cum myself so I reached between our humping bodies and began rubbing little circles around my extended clit. As I could feel Tommy preparing to bust a nut inside me, my pussy was quaking in preparation to the explosive orgasm building between my loins. Elaine told me after that even from where she was watching she could see the hold I had on the back of the bench was so intense that my knuckles were white from the extensive powerful explosion that had begun to unleash inside of me. The sudden impact of Tommy’s hot sperm pounding the depths of my pussy started as I let out a scream of passion yelling Aaaawwwwww with Tommy chiming in with a loud Ooohhhhhh. As we slumped into each other to stay standing and in a somewhat upright, but bent in a 90 degree position. Once the trembling and aftershock rushes had subsided, I began to look around and realized that a small group had gathered around us in a 40 to 50 foot radius. There were a few females in the group but at least a dozen males, with a couple openly stroking their exposed hard cocks and several others rubbing themselves through their clothing. I’m not exactly sure why, but I distinctly heard the word police called out and when that happened, people and cocks disappeared and soon I was standing by myself holding the back of the bench for support. Elaine came strolling towards me from behind where she had situated herself by the water for a clear view of what had happened. When she was about 10 feet away she began that slow clap that one does that usually escalates to all out clapping and cheering but seeing as she was the only one and it was more mocking than anything else she stopped and congratulated me for a fine performance. “I think we’ll have to find a way to sneak back to the car. Probably half of those pervs are waiting for you in the bushes or the parking lot, hoping to catch you making your way out of the park so they can get a chance at you for themselves.” Then Elaine said, “I think that will suffice as the dare taken and completed. Besides I can’t wait to suck on your little pearl and get some of that young bad boys cum for myself”, as she took my hand and lead me down by the water where she had watched from. After several stifled howls from the orgasms Elaine generously gave me, I agreed that if she would drive me home allowing me to regain my legs again, it would be her turn to receive the tongue lashing on her pussy she deserved for allowing me this wonderful evening in the park. One more deep passionate French kiss where I was tasting my own juices mixed with deposit that Tommy also generous left with me, Elaine and I made our way along the water’s edge to the parking lot and into my car where Elaine drove. We laughed once we had pulled out of the parking lot having seen several people that witnessed my little foursome with the young men. They had not seen us sneak away behind them as they were so intent on watching for us to come out on the main path. When we got home Elaine received all that I had promised as she told me what she observed from her hiding spot, which only made me lick her sweet pussy that much harder and faster. Pictures of the outfit I was wearing that night will be posted in my photo gallery. Hope you enjoyed it all, but I know you won’t enjoy it as much as I did.