Twice as Nice Pt. 2

I started licking him from the bottom of the shaft all the way to the tip, nice, worship that dick, come on show me what a good cocksucker you are. As I was on my knees worshipping Bills cock Joe returned and started stroking my cock from behind. I let out a loud moan as he stuck his tongue in my ass, You want me to fuck you don't you ? Oh yes fuck me pleaseJoe slowly started working his cock into me, keep sucking Bill says, oh yah that's it take that dick boy, I think he's ready for me now Bill says, come on let's go to the bedroom.Once in the bedroom Joe told me to lie on the bed, Bill was standing at foot of the bed and Joe then got on the bed as Bill pulled me down to edge and spreading my legs and pushing them into the air, mmm that ass is mine I remember it hurt at first as he pushed the head of his huge cock into me but after a few strokes I was moaning in pleasure.Joe started feeding me his cock as Bill was fucking me.I can still remember Joe saying, Oh yah that's it, suck that cock, nice and slow I want you to taste every inch of my cock, I told you next time was going to be twice as nice ! You know this is what you wanted, cock in both holes at the same time !I remember that feeling of submission and being told what to do was such an intense feeling and amazing pleasure. I'm going to cum Joe says as he filled my mouth with warm cum, take it all Bill says as it dripped down my chin and onto my chest.Bill started fucking me faster and harder as Joe started stroking my cock, I came so hard it shot all over my chest, Bill then moved up straddling my chest, yes that's right open that mouth boy you want that cum don't you ? Oh ya shoot that fucking cum all over my face ! as he stroked his cock covering my face with hot cum. I remember laying there covered in cum completely satisfied but wanting to do all again.