Visit to the Doctor, part 3

Part 3After the doctor had had his way with me (although in truth the dedicated sissy I felt that I had my way with him) we sat and talked for a while.He was asking me how I felt about my transition from inadequate heterosexual to a promiscuous sissy who took great pleasure in giving her ass to cock. I smiled at his characterisation because it was exactly correct. The thought of having cock in my ass turned me on like nothing else. Although, I understood that my sexual pleasure through my clit was irrelevant, that all of my sexual pleasure from now on would be given and received through my ass. I described how empowered I felt wearing feminine clothing. How when he was fucking my ass 10 minutes ago that I felt he was doing me a great service.He smiled "the truth is I've known for the past five years you were a sissy, the first time you came in here in your early teens you are demonstrating the early behaviour of a sissy, you probably don't remember, but you kept trying to sneak a peek at my groin, which had the effect of giving me an erection, I think even then you knew you are going to serve bigger cocks than your own, that is how you would get pleasure"I told him that I hadn't remembered that the visit so long ago, but that obviously something had encouraged me to come to him and lay bare my questions about my sexuality, so I guess it made sense."So what now?) The doctor asked. Do you go back to your normal life and just get dressed up every now and then when you want to get fucked or are you going to commit to this life?)"I've thought a lot about that Dr, and I do not want to turn my back on "Petra" which is how I would like to be known. My parents don't really care that much about me so I think I'm going to leave home anyway and become Petra full-time""Interesting," the doctor said obviously deep in thought. "Have you anywhere to live?"I hadn't, and in truth hadn't really thought that far ahead."That's no problem Petra, why don't you come and stay with me, in any event if you're serious about becoming Petra for real we are going to have to put you on hormone therapy, what you think?"I couldn't hide my excitement "I would love to have more female features, shaving my face et cetera is a real drag, so I would love to start the hormone therapy as soon as I can"The doctor reached into his desk and took out a number of boxes of pills. "It's pretty aggressive, but take four of these a day for the next month let's see how your little body develops, now why don't I drive you home to grab a few things?"I could not believe my luck, as we drove home I was thinking of my new life ahead of me. Dr was still coaching me "there's no point bringing any of your old male clothes for anything that connects you to your old life, just bring your laptop, your sex toys and all of those sexy clothes that you bought from Tracey, tomorrow we go shopping for more clothes, so you can live your life as a full-time sissy"That evening I settled in and wore my sexiest outfit, shoes stocking suspender silk knickers with my camisole top and fake breasts. When I came into the lounge room the doctor looked up at me and smiled "my my, you really were born to serve the alpha males, weren't you" I giggled coquettishly and agreed with him. I waited for his instructions, and he just pointed at the floor between his legs. I kneel down in front of him, and undid his belt and pulled his trousers down. I pulled his bottom forward so that he could d**** his legs over my shoulder and also so that I could have better access to his arse hole and balls.As I started to suck his balls, exploring every aspect of their texture, weight and size he started to talk to me."Okay, keep going at that for an hour or so, I don't want to come until I tell you, besides I have some things to explain to you, I believe Tracey told you about my parties, and no doubt you're curious. The thing is I have some pretty wild, I guess you could call them sex parties. Basically I like to bring together people with let's say less orthodox sexuality, with those who appreciate real sexual openness and beauty"I was now gently exploring his ass hole, licking and nibbling, absorbing everything about him, loving every minute of it."It's up to you, but I probably have about 10 guys who are fixated on having sex with a gorgeous sissy like you. They will want to fuck you in the ass and your mouth cumming everywhere, inside you, on your face, in your mouth, everywhere. Most of them like to double up so you will have one in your ass and one in your mouth at the same time. Like I said it's your choice, the advantage is each of these guys will pay £100 each for the pleasure you give them. The way I'm thinking about it after a few of these parties you'll be able to buy all of the beautiful clothes you need as well as pay for any additional transition, fake tits for example, what you think?"In answer I looked him straight in the eye and then lowered my head on his cock until my chin was resting on his balls, I hold it there for a good 15 seconds.He laughed "okay, I take it you're keen, I can arrange the first party next Saturday, and then see how you go we could do one every week." He then started describing the guys to me, two of them were black guys from Africa, gorgeous specimens of manhood he describes as with long thin black cocks, , He described all of the cocks that I would encounter their length, girth, how much the guys came when they orgasm, their preference for where they preferred to come et cetera et cetera it was obvious that he knew these guys pretty well.As I started to lick gently on my daddy's (that's what he was now) beautiful beautiful cock he talked me through the next couple of days. How we would go shopping for more outfits including normal female street clothes. He was going to call Tracey to come over and help with my development as a woman, explained to me the impact of the hormones, and start the early talk about my breast implants. It was so exciting, life really had taken a turn for the best for me.I was focusing my attention on the beautiful bulbous head of his cock, licking it gently, stabbing my tongue into his piss hole and then as the first droplets of pre-calm emerged, sucked on it gently, savouring the taste of my daddy. He wasn't talking at all now, rather focusing only on pleasure I was giving him, and it was clear he was getting close, I wondered where he was going to cum, and was answered when he took his cock out and held it to my face jerking it. Spunk shot onto my face, beautiful and warm, thick in texture the beautiful manly taste. He came came and came. When he finished he said "don't move, I need a photograph for the invitation I'm going to send to the party" I smiled and could hear his phone click on the captured this moment forever.When he finished taking photographs he put it on video and using his finger pushed his come into my mouth and on his instruction I swallowed. "What do you think, we should put that one on your X hamster page to show all your friends your progress" I couldn't have agreed more.Over the next few days Tracey took me under her wing we bought a mixture of street clothes which was still sexy, advertising that a young sexual woman was wearing them. The most fun we had was when she bought me some outfits for the party. These were all bought from the shop she worked in. No ordinary shop would have what we needed.She bought me a complete latex, stockings, suspender and little top in both black and red. We also got some jewellery, one necklace which read “cum slut" and another which read "I love daddy"She was slightly concerned for me ass I hadn't been fucked in the ass that often (twice a day now by the doctor) and she was hoping I was prepared for Saturday night. All of the guys would want to go in my ass, some more than once. I had thought about stretching out my ass hole extrawide for Saturday but she cautioned me against it. "Remember darling by the end of Saturday night your ass will probably gape for two or three days before it tightens up again, so even though it will be a little bit painful at the start, especially if those black guys get at you, it will be worth it in the long run" as ever, I took her advice.her phone binged just then and she checked it. "Interesting, from the doctor, and he has a little dare for you, you want to know what it is?" I was very excited, the doctor was thinking of me even during his busy work day, I nodded enthusiastically. "He would like me to cum on your face here and now and for you then to wear it home and wait for him when you get there, here's your travel plan, bus, train, walking down the high street et cetera, are you sure you are up for that?"I loved the idea. It would demonstrate to the doctor my devotion to him and frankly I had realised by now that I was a bit of an exhibitionist. Tracey started to usher me towards the changing rooms but I resisted. "What about we do it here in the middle of the store?" Tracey laughed out loud "you are a total slut, down on your knees"I got down on my knees and lifted her miniskirt to reveal her gorgeous cock and balls. As I started licking and sucking her the 10 or so customers who were in the store gathered around encouraging me. This drove me crazy, I really was a total cock crazed whore. I devoured Tracey's cock, sucking, Deep Throating, worshipping her beautiful balls until she was on the verge of cuming she then withdrew her cock carefully and painted my face, my forehead my cheeks my nose, chin, avoiding my eyes. We became aware of a guy beside us was wanking his huge cock openly, I wasn't sure what to do so checked with Tracey "I think daddy would want you to wear as many loads as you can" the guy came to me putting his cock in my mouth. He was on the verge of cuming, I sucked his cock twice and he also withdrew spunking all over my face.I stayed in the shop for 10 minutes or so letting some of the cum drip onto my sexy top and the rest dried on my face. Then I set out on my journey. I got a great reaction. Young guys immediately realised that I was being tested and all came up wanted a selfie with me. Older women shunned me, while some younger girls came up to me curious about what I was doing, who knows maybe I inspired a generation of cum sluts.My journey home took two hours because of the route the doctor had planned. The final task was to go into the newsagents which was two doors down from the doctors house. I walked in, elated by my journey. The newsagent started laughing immediately when I came in "oh I guess the doctor sent you" I nodded. With that he went to the door of his shop and locked it and then brought me to the back where his family were. He was an Indian gentleman and his three sons and his wife were there. "Look at the beautiful creature the Dr sent us"With that he and his sons all dropped their trousers and took out their cocks. They took turns putting their cock in my mouth and at times I had two have my mouth and one in each hand. His wife seemed to enjoy the show, especially when one by one they came over my face. Unlike earlier they aimed their cocks at my eyes and shot load after load. When they finished I couldn't open my eyes. Then the newsagents wife took me by the hand and brought me back to the doctors house letting me in. She whispered to me "don't tell anyone" as she licked some of her sons cum off my face. "Not too much, I have to impress the doctor" she swallowed what she had and went home.As instructed, I sat and waited for the doctor to return home. He returned two hours later. He came into the kitchen where I was sitting and stood in front of me. At first I didn't know what was happening, my eyes were glued shut. Then I realised he was wanking over me. I smiled and when he instructed me "open up" I stuck my tongue out and received my daddy's hot load. After he finished cuming I swallowed him, and he instructed me to peel the hardened cum off my face and to eat it. I had hoped this is what you tell me and for the next 20 minutes I peeled and pushed the spunk of six cocks into my mouth.When I had finished I could open my eyes and look at my daddy. He looked at me lovingly saying "I think you will do well on Saturday"Saturday could not come around quickly enough. Tracy came around to help me with my make-up and dressing and also my enema to completely empty out my bowels. She also applied some lube into my ass, as she said "the boys can be forgetful sometimes"When the guests started arriving I had butterflies in my tummy. Dr had me serving drinks and nibbles at the start. Soon the room was filled with hunky guys, I counted and there appeared to be 15. Occasionally I would feel a hand slide up under my knickers and a finger in my ass hole, it was very exciting. Tracy came up to me "the invitation the doctor sent drew a bigger crowd than we usually get, every guy wants to be here the night we break in our newest sissy"I was starting to wonder, would an announcement be made or something. Just then one of the black guys came up behind me and rubbed his cock up against my ass. I pushed back against him, loving his strength, feeling his power, but also aware of my power to please. A big white guy came in front of me and started kissing me. He was gentle and sensitive, I was loving it. And then it kicked off. The black guy pushed my shoulders forward where I found a big white cock in my face. I think religious people would describe it as a religious experience of feeling you had a sense of your God. For me my God was cock and giving it pleasure. I took him all the way down my throat, and as I did I could the hunk behind me moving my thong to one side and pushing his cock into my ass. It hurt at first, but I thought I should take control. So I pushed back, taking all of them in the. A loud cheer went up in the room. The guys shuffled me over to a mattress that had been laid on the floor and positioned me on all fours, that way I could pay attention to both the cock in my mouth and in my ass. These guys had obviously worked together before because within minutes I was being rocked backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards by the thrusts in my ass and in my mouth, it was a beautiful rythmn.These guys kept this up for 10 minutes and then the guy in my mouth start to spunk down my throat, I forced my head down and took all his cum into my throat. That set off the guy behind me who blew his load in my ass, it felt amazing.As soon as I had finished two more guys took over and for the next two or three hours my ass and mouth were permanently occupied by cocks of all shapes and sizes. Occasionally Tracey would come up to me and asked me if I was okay. "Okay?" I would ask "I am in cock heaven" everybody laughed and two more guys inevitably took over. I fucked guys in every position, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, then standing up me bouncing on cock et cetera et cetera.By the time the evening Hannah ended Tracey reckon I had taken 40 loads of cum, 15 or so in my ass and the rest either down my throat on my face or wherever else they chose to cum.By the end I was exhausted and after everybody had left the doctor and Tracey lifted me off the mattress and brought me into the bathroom and helped me into warm soapy bath. Tracey gently cleaned me, removing the cum, make up and allowing me to soak. I was disappointed when I saw cum running out of my ass hole, but Tracey reassured me "don't worry you we'll have lots more there next week" So began my life as a sissy. Serving and servicing my master during the week and then most weekends being exactly where I wanted to be, on all fours with a cock in my ass and one in my mouth, being the centre of attention.If you like this story please give me a thumbs up. Love your comments too.