Visit to the Hood PT3 Gay

After about twenty minutes, I had drunk quite a bit and my dick was very hard as I obviously was very horny and had been playing with myself. I was moaning and squirming on the bed, fantasizing about fucking girls but after a bit that didn't have the best effect anymore and I kept thinking of Duke and how he had fucked me and that seemed to turn me on. My mind drifted and I found myself thinking of images of me getting fucked by Duke, and Mike his driver and even my guy friends and other men I knew. I wanted it to stop but I couldn't, allowing these thoughts to break my barriers open. My hands glided across my hot body as if they had their own agenda to please me and I groped my balls and the other I began to feel that patch of flesh between my ass and dick. I began to rub deeper and touched my asshole, pressing hard into it and getting an intense delight rush through my body. It was my first time playing with it and all I could do was mimic what Duke had done to me earlier. After he had fingered me in the car, I could feel that rough lingering presence on my ass all day and missed it. I closed my eyes and let my fingers explore my ass."Mmm..." I moaned as I felt my hole pucker in response to the sensitive feeling it got from my touch. I never thought it could feel so nice playing with my booty. Duke certainly knew how to do that for me. I though of him and the image of his massive dick made me bite my lips. Just seeing him in my head got me feeling so hot. Damn! My fantasy felt so real. It was almost as if he was standing in front of me. Hold on... yes he was."Duke!" He was standing in front of me by the door, grinning mischievously at me. My finger was still in my ass."So this is what you get up to when you're home alone, huh?" he asked and stepped inside."Duke how the hell did you get in? And how did you know my parents weren't here?" I asked. How the hell does he keep finding me?"You left the door open shawty... but don't worry about that too much. I've got what you need," he said and unbuckled his belt."No Duke... I don't think I can-" I tried to say but it was useless. He fell on top of me and pinned me down facing him. He used his legs to open mine. Somehow he had been able to get his dick out while he was still wearing all his clothes. He grabbed my legs and lifted them above his head, grabbed my underwear and pulled them off roughly."Please Duke-" I tried to get him to stop as he spat into his hands and rubbed my booty hole roughly. I could see his 10 inches were already hard and lined up against me. He used his pelvis to thrust forward slightly and I began to open. It hurt so much as he entered my slowly but deeply till after a few excruciating moments, he was deep inside me."Oh my god," I said as I felt that fat dick prize me open."He's inside you," Duke said and laughed. I biting my lip and trying to deal with all that dick within me and he started to pump slowly, letting me get used to that feeling once again. It was starting to feel pretty rough as he hadn't used any lube. Duke could sense I was in a lot of discomfort so he pulled out and strattled my chest and placed that wet dick in front of my mouth. I swallowed that musky dick and after a few minutes of sucking it till it was soaked. He then pulled out and shoved it back in again. This time it was a lot better and when he pushed himself on top of me and raised my booty, he started to really fuck me. I was screaming like a bitch by this point from all that top dick and he just kept banging in and out incessantly. His dick would slide out till just the tip was in and then slide all the way back in, loosening me up. My ass was leaking a lot by now and my body was writhing in pleasure as I was being fucked intensely. I was moaning so much he stuck two fingers into my mouth and I sucked on them. My face must have been an expression of carnal pleasure as his was gritty and intense with only sex on his mind. "You like this dick, bitch? Huh?" He asked as his hand left my mouth and grabbed me by the throat. He slapped me and asked me again."Yes daddy. Oh god!" I moaned as his rough moves found new places inside my walls to hit. He twisted me around to get me in on my side and with my leg raised, he used it as a thing to hold me with and he started to pound me hard and fast. After a few intense and pleasureable minutes where I couldn't stop screaming, he pulled out of me. He got off the bed."Turn around, ass up and face down. I want to see that ass boy," he commanded as he started to get undressed. I did as I was told. He started fidgeting in his pocket and pulled out a packet of some sorts but I couldn't see much because my face was pressed against the mattress. Next thing I knew I could feel his wet tongue eating my ass and after a few minutes of that, I was in ecstasy and started begging for his dick."Please Duke, put that shit back inside yo." I moaned.He laughed," Oh so now you want that dick? It aint' hard at all to turn you, bitch." He said and slapped my ass," Damn son, you got a nice, round ass. Move up the bed a bit." He told me and I did. With my ass up in the air, he got up from behind it and mounted it. This time, his dick sliding inside me had my toes curling and I moaned a long sigh as it felt so good being packed again. Without wasting any time, he started beating my lining again and riding my ass like he was a jockey. After a few minutes of that, he pulled out and with one hand flipped me over and turned me around. He straddled my chest again and I was wondering what he was going to do now. He leaned over and picked up something from the counter and next thing I knew he was hovering a small mirror with white powder on it. With a dollar straw he sniffed a line of the coke and then he handed me the plate. I did the same, sniffing one line. After a few minutes, that stuff hit my head and I felt that euphoria creeping in. His dick was back inside me and hitting my ass again. I rubbed my hands all up and down Duke's chest, loving that muscled built he had. He leaned in and pressed his full weight on top of me, humping me deeply. He started biting and kissing my neck and all I could do was moan. He flipped us around and had me ride him."Ride that stick bitch, work that ass hoe," he said and slapped my ass and had me gyrating and bouncing on his dick. With me in control now, I had myself vibrating and riding his dick, trying to milk it for him. I was bouncing up and down and my back was arched as I took charge of his dick. He was loving that shit, his hands were behind his head as I made the bed bend. He slapped my ass and told me to go faster. My dick was slapping against his chest and leaking pre-cum like it was nutting. He grabbed me by the ass and squeezed my buns hard."Mmm... I love that dick daddy," I moaned as he turned me around again and flipped me on my stomach. He grabbed my ass and raised it so he hit it doggy style. Damn! He was beating so hard I to hold on to the head board just to keep up. Good thing I was home alone because to rucus we were making was enough to raise the dead. My back was arched and his hands were full of my buns as he fucked me down like a cheap ho. I was a little ashamed at how loud and slightly effeminate my moans were but knew that I had gone past the point of pride. He pulled me back, pushed me down so I was flat on the bed and rode me hard, trying to really dig that dick deep into me. In a few minutes, the hand he had firmly on the back of my neck squeezed tight and I could feel his whole body tense up."Awww! Yeah boy, take it!" he shouted as he busted his nutt deep into my bruised insides. I moaned and bit my lip as I felt that hot nutt feel me up inside. He pulled out and stepped off the bed. My ass felt deprived with his dick having left it open and sloppy with cum and sex juice. I stuck a finger inside and was shocked to feel how numb and loose it was."That's pussy now, bitch. My pussy. We know that, now don't we?" he asked and I said yes."Yes." I said."Good, now lick your fingers and come over here. I want some had before I fuck you again," he said and smiled as he saw get up. Later on I found that Duke was renowned for his high libido, which meant he could for go hours non-stop by just fucking and nutting continously. After a few minutes of sucking his dick, we had a few more lines of coke and next I was back on my back and his ten inches of black steel deep inside me again. It carried on like that the whole night and by the time we stopped, I had been fucked enough times to make newlyweds blush. But I was high beyond what I've ever been before and by the time I vaguely remember him stumbling out of my room, I had taken six of his loads all in my ass. His pussy now.