visiting my uncle eddie part3

So,the next morning I woke up,we both me and uncle Eddie were totally naked because of the bed rules and because we had sex four times yesterday night. There are still 5 days left for my parents to come back home,I was quite excited.I woke up uncle eddie,"Wake up old man,its 9:00 am on the clock"."Aaargghhh!!! is it morning already? Damn it was one hell of a night!!" ,He said."Yes uncle Eddie,maybe you should clean yourself up...I'll make some coffee",I said."Yeah,I need some shower", He said."Okay,I'll go make some coffee..", I said." coffee can wait,can you help me clean up?,its hard for me to wash my back properly.. ",he said" yeah sure",I said.So,we went to the shower and he's all wet now,he washed himself a little bit..and said "Okay,your turn..wash my back!", he said.I picked up the soap and started rubbing on his back," ah don't use the soap",he said."Okay", I said.Now I was trying to clean his back without soap.."I meant the lower back" he said pointing towards his hips..and spreading his ass cheeks.."How do you want me to clean it?" I said"With your Tongue!!" He saidI started licking his ass,he started moaning..I kept licking for about 20 second and then started tongue fucking him..He moaned even louder.."Am I cleaning you good daddy", I said." oh baby! You are doing great!!",He said"I kept on tongue fucking him," Yeah fuck me you bitch!! Push your tongue deeper!! Lick that daddy's hole" He saidI started licking even deeper,as much as I could,His groans became louder and louder,he started pushing my head into his ass,with one hand I was spreading his ass cheek and with the other hand I grabbed his cock..and started jerking it up,After sometime he turned around and said," C'mmon boy,have a little taste of your daddy's cock!!!" I immediately put it in my mouth and started sucking it,fondling his balls with the other hand.After a minute I said,"what do you wanna do now daddy?""Now daddy's gotta empty his sack,but your mouth may not be enough for daddy",he said." What do you want me to do daddy?",I said."Bend over boy!!!",He said.Without any questions I bent near the wall.He applied lotion on his cock,and then started pushing it inside my hole, as I told you before...its a 9" cock,I had it in my ass a lot of times last night but I still was amazed by its size,he did it slow at the start and then after he was all half inside me,he pushed it all inside in one push(uncle Eddie likes to do that)..He started with slow,long strokes.Her increased his pace gradually and started fucking me harder,let me remind you,he have a strongman body,so,he kept fucking me harder and harder and after few minutes he pulled his cock out and started jerking it,"Come here boy...Daddy's gonna cum..",he saidI quickly started sucking his dick he started mouth fucking me.."I'm cumming!!I'm cumming!!Aarrgghh!!!" He came into my mouth and before I could swallow it he said,"Hold on!!"He kissed me and we both swallowed his delicious cum.He said,"Your turn boy!!" and started sucking me,and playing with my cock, after my cock was fully erect and wet,He said,"Okay!! you ready to fuck your daddy??""Yeah daddy,I'm ready to fuck you", I saidHe bent and I used some lotion and then started fucking him,He was enjoying it,I started fucking even harder,We kept fucking for some minutes and then I came in his mouth and we kissed for sharing my cum.After that had our breakfast.We fucked once in the afternoon, once in the evening and 3 times at night and this whole thing continued for the next five days.My mum and dad(step dad actually) came back after these amazing 5 days.I went back home before my parents came back so that they don't have any questions on where I was and all..Dad stayed at home,but mom had to leave after a few hours because of wedding of her best friend Marie..I was now living normally,but they were the most amazing 7 days.So,I had a normal lunch, normal dinner and normally sleeping...It was dark in the room and I am trying to sleep..I suddenly felt a hand on my ass.."How are you Eddie boy?!!sleeping already?" It was uncle Eddie's voice,my dad was probably sleeping and I didn't really care how uncle Eddie was here..but I was glad because I knew what was gonna happen.He pulled his dick out and started rubbing it on my assSuddenly I felt another dick on my face, I am surprised and shocked. There was supposed to be only one dick. I heard the voice,"Suck it baby", was my....step dad. So in the room was my step dad and uncle Eddie.I was shocked, "It's unfair to suck only uncle Eddie, I had no idea what to say or what to do.." Dad I..." Before I could finish my sentence he pushed his dick inside my mouth,I didn't tried to pull it out, uncle Eddie lower my boxers and applied some lotion on my hole,I didn't think there's any choice left,so,I just....started sucking my step dad,"Yeah baby,...suck it like your mom do it..", dad saidI kept sucking on his 8" cock and then started playing with his balls,he moaned louder,I thought things are already messed up,they told me that they will keep things between us three so I can enjoy as much as I want.My uncle Eddie pushed his dick inside me and started fucking me slowly,my dad on the other hand was mouthfucking me now,after a few minutes uncle Eddie said," Do you wanna switch places Bob?" (Step dad's name is Bob)Daddy said,"hell yeah"He applied some lotion on his cock and with one gently push he was all inside all thanks to uncle Eddie.Daddy started slowly but kept increasing his speed and he started fucking harder and harder,uncle Eddie came to me and kissed,"sorry k**do he found out",he said"It's okay,uncle Eddie", I said because I knew he wouldn't tell him,daddy himself must have found out that me and uncle Eddie were having sex.Daddy fucked me harder,as much hard as he could,his speed was incredible,and in my mouth now was my uncle Eddie's 9" cock,I kept playing with it,uncle Eddie started moaning,..I knew his weak points after all..and daddy kept fucking me harder and harder and then he finally stopped and came to and put his dick inside my mouth,so now I was sucking two dicks,and I looked up and saw that uncle Eddie and daddy started think daddy is also a gay..Uncle Eddie bent him down and started lubricating daddy's assWhich was totally unexpectedUncle,then pushed half of his 9" into him,I knew now what was coming...he pushed inside rest of the cock in one push.He started fucking him harder from the very start,before I know it,..daddy grabbed my cock and put it in his mouth,and started sucking it.Uncle Eddie was fucking daddy without mercy,he kept pushing it inside as much as he could. I got an idea,I pulled out the dick from daddy's mouth which felt great by the way and went behind my uncle who was fucking daddy,and inserted my dick in uncle Eddie's asshole,so uncle Eddie was fucking daddy and I was fucking uncle eddie.After a while,when my dad and uncle was about to cum,he lowered me down and shot their huge loads into my mouth and uncle Eddie started kissing me and daddy started blowing my cock and finally I came in his mouth. We three had sex,thrice that night. But good thing doesn't know.How was the story?? Was it okay??