Watching from The Bar - Part 2. Helens Story.

Hi. My name is Helen. My husband, Steve, and I are taking a weekend trip in at a Beach resort. Being a very regular, fortyish couple I was was expecting a typical sun, sand and nice dinners weekend. I turned out that I was wrong, very wrong! I found myself in the craziest weekend of my life, and I was loving every minute of it!We are both very fit and trim, even for our age. I have a few extra pounds, but Steve tells me the sit in all the right places. Even I have to admit that my hips are nicely curved, and my 36C breasts are still perky and full.Everything was going along as expected. He had spent the day at the beach, weather had been great. It wasn't until I came out of the bathroom, after a nice shower, that things started to move in unexpected directions. Steve was just coming back into our room and said “That pretty young girl on reception just told me about a bar in town. She said they have live music most nights, but it is really cool because they have these chill out areas were the volume is turned down letting you chat. And they are really atmospheric with dim alcoves and sofas. She said she likes to go there with her boyfriend and sit and watch the other customers.” I had a little pang of jealousy as he described the reception lady as pretty, but the reality was she was young and hot, so I pushed that aside. Our marriage getting a little stale and boring wasn't her fault.“Would you like to go?” he asked. “Well, I would, but I really don't think I brought anything to wear with me that would be suitable for a nice place like that.” I replied. Steve looked a little guilty and, to be honest, just a bit shifty as he said “Oh... No worries. You know that nice, clingy, cream mini dress you bought on sale? I packed it for you. And, ahhh... I also packed that light red underwear the girls in the office bought you for Christmas a while back. You have never had either on, it would be a shame for them to waste away in the cupboard” he finished with a big toothy grin.Well then!! That was a first. Steve secretly packing sexy clothes for me for a trip. I gave him the special, wife, 'and what is going on here' look, but didn't push it any further. He had just saved the day and made the bar trip possible. Although, the reason I hadn't worn any of it was that I felt is was all a little too sexy for a women of my age. Still, we are away at a resort, it's not like we are likely to run into anyone we know. This could just be the little extra bit of spice we nee in our marriage. So I agreed to try it all on. After getting dressed I checked my self in the full length mirror. Everything was OK. The mini dress covered my stocking tops. Just! The red colour of the lacy bra and thong was just showing through the light cream dress. My only concern was that it was VERY obvious that I was wearing a suspender belt. But it made me feel hot and sexy. I didn't tell Steve this, I just let it give me a little warm feeling inside.We got to the bar, checked our jackets, and went back into one of the chill out zones. Steve wanted to sit up at the bar so we could she the action. I agreed that was a good idea, but secretly, just a little bit, I was liking the idea of being on display up on the high bar stool. A moment late I was regretting this a bit as I felt my dress ride up as I sat down. I asked Steve who told me it was no a problem, there was a tiny bit of stocking top on show, but nobody would notice. I was too nervous to look down and check myself. After a few drinks Steve went off to the toilet. As I was looking round I noticed a really good looking guy get up from the secluded (ish) sofa area across from us and head in the same direction. He was wearing a tight pair of jeans and looked like he had a real bulge going on in his pants. He winked at me as he went past, he must have seen me checking out his crotch! I flushed red with embarrassment and I was literally squirming on my stool.Steve got back from the toilets with a flushed look on his face and started telling me about the size of the guys cock in the urinal next to him! Apparently as thick as Steve’s arm and 8” hanging down. I was shocked he would say this, and told him so. Although I had to give a gasp as I asked “Really, thick as your arm?”. “Yes” he says “It was that nice looking guy over there on the sofa”. I looked across and realised he was talking about the guy that had caught me checking him out. I couldn't help myself, I giggled as I admitted , rather carelessly, he did have a package on him. Fortunately Steve didn't seem to notice that there was no way I could see how big the guys package was from where we were sitting! I caught a quick glance from Steve out the corner of my eye. I was not surprised, I never giggle. But I was feeling like a horny school girl at the moment. God knows what he's thinking about me! He must be think I was being sluttish or something! I forced myself to have a bit of mental composure, but, really, even I had no idea what had come over me! That bulge and wink had clearly got me a bit giddy, nothing like this has ever happened to me before.While having another drink I noticed that toilet guy was simply staring at me. Not glancing over, or taking a quick look, but simply looking straight at me! I nudged Steve. “The guy from the toilet, I think he is looking at me” I said. Steve leaned in and told me that might be because I was flashing my suspend belt at the entire bar. I was mortified. And excited. I felt my face getting hot, and, to my great shock, my pussy getting wet! “When did your realise that?” I asked Steve. OMG, he must be so disappointed in me I thought. Acting this way. “And you didn't think to say anything” I asked. Steve had a 'little boy caught in the cookie jar' look on his face and said "Well, you know. We are on holiday, nobody here knows us, and the idea that others guys in the bar can see your underwear made my cock hard as hell". Time literally stood still for me. I could feel the blood rushing round my body as my head started to buzz. Steve had never, ever, said anything like this to me before. Not even as dirty talk when we made love. I was a little bit stunned, but as his words sunk in I would myself getting even more excited. We had never done a role play like this before. And I liked it, I wanted it to continue.Finally I said “He is still looking at me", I didn't really know what else to say. I had never played one of these games before. I was just batting it back to Steve to keep things going, because, on that I was clear in my head, I did want the game to continue. Steve replied “He probably finds you as sexy as I do". The whole situation just had my head spinning. I was loving it! But my imagination is not that active, so I didn't know what to do, or how to reply, so I said nothing hoping Steve would keep things going. The silence dragged on for a few minutes, the anticipation was really getting to me, and then I realise Steve might be as confused as me. So finally I just said “Oh”, just so he knew I was still with him, and hadn't rejected the game."He really is a sexy guy" Steve said. I quickly answered with a simple “Yes”. I want things to keep moving, but was to shy to lead things. "I don't mind if you would like to go over and chat to him" Steve said. This role play thing was getting me really hot, but this was starting to get a little bit too real. I think I must have had a shocked look on my face as I told him "It has never, never entered my mind to cheat on you". He replied "Don't be silly, I have no problem with you chatting to a hot guy, it might make you feel young and wanted again. And chatting and flirting is not cheating". Now I was really shocked. Have we just moved from role play to reality I thought to my self. My mind instantly flashed back to the hotel when Steve told me he had packed my sexy clothes. I started to wondered if he has planned this! "Don't be silly" I say "You would have a heart attack if I went and started flirting with another guy, you would jealous as hell. And I would feel like a complete slut". My head is really swirling! "And what if I fantasies about you being a slut", what if it makes me hard, and want you even more?" Steve asks. My head is spinning to fast, and I think I might fall of my stool. I feel a wave of emotion spread over me starting at my pussy and going up to me head. I don't know what the emotion is but I am feeling a really intense love for my husband, and an intense desire to do exactly what he is asking me. Can I do this I ask myself, can I really play the slut for my husband as he sits at the bar watching me!Steve then says. "A slut wife would go and chat, and flirt, with the guy while I watch. A slut wife would flirt, then maybe have a kiss and cuddle, while her husband watched. If you did not want to be my slutty, dirty, wife right know, then why have you not pulled your dress down and turned away from him”. Now I was shocked! I thought I had been shocked already, but, no. I hadn't. My body was tingling. I leaned in and said "I love you, I know you love me. But what you are saying here is not about love, this is sex. Sex that we can both enjoy. Tell me, it that what you are saying?". "Yes" Steve said.I don't know. I think at that moment I felt liberated, empowered. What ever it was, I suddenly realised I had opened my legs! Now everything could see my panties. Panties which I am very sure had a very big wet spot over my pussy. I looked up and Toilet guys eyes were boring in like lasers on them. I smiled and asked Steve "What do you want to see?". If my husband tells me to do it, and is watching me do it, it can never be cheating, for me it is just an extension of our love making. Steve says "I want you to go over to him. I want you to sit and flirt with him. I want you to point me out at the bar to him, and tell him your husband is watching. Then I want you to tell him that I want to see you talk, flirt, French kiss him. Then as he puts his tongue in your mouth I want you to lift your leg over his, exposing your panties, and pussy, to him. Then tell him to kiss and finger you while I watch. I want the whole bar to watch him play with you after they have all clearly seen that I am your husband, not him. I want the whole bar to see you are a hot wife slut. Then I want the whole bar to see the three of us leave together". At this point my stomach literally turned to water and my legs went week with excitement. “My god why” I asked? Because, Steve says "We are taking him back to our room for a threesome. Now, go and do what I said"!!!!Stomach churning, knees shaking. I slowly stood up from my stool, demurely push my dress down, and started to walk across the bar.* In part three, things get hot and heavy.