Watching my wife with another guy

About 15 years ago I finely got my wish. We were planning a big party due to the fact I just got promoted in the military to E7. During that week my wife had asked me if I still wanted her to sleep with other men during one of our lovemaking and I said yes and she left it to that. Friday came around and I had forgotten about her question. Around 11am I went out and got the keg for the party and a list of alcohol and food. I fixed Steaks and hamburgers on the grill around 2pm but I started drinking around noon after the keg had settled. About 70 friends showed up and it was a great time. Tammy and I were being great host and hostess. I did all the cooking while she made sure that everyone had drinks and food and made sure that the TV and music were going. Later on a good friend Dave and his girlfriend showed up. I think he was getting mad that she was talking to all the guys and not hanging around him but nothing new because she was a gal that lived her life free and easy. Well around 9pm I had drank enough beer and shots that I pasted out. So I fell asleep on my couch. Well everyone starting making plans to keep the party going by hitting some local bar in IB. Around midnight Tammy calls me while still a little out of it to see if I still wanted her to have sex with other men. Ok I was up now and said yes and she said ok and hung up the phone. After that I could not sleep but wonder what she was up to. Around 3:30am I heard a car pull in the driveway and I went to the window and saw her talking to my friends girlfriend and asked if she was going to take him home or if he was going to be sleeping on our couch. April told Tammy that no he could sleep it off at our house. Tammy left the 2 as they talked. Tammy ran up stairs. I acted like I was still pasted out and she told me that she was going to Fuck Dave tonight and I told her to have fun and to enjoy. I watched her change her outfit to a very low cut teddy and no underwear. She then grabbed blankets for Dave and headed down to make a bed for him. As soon as she left the bedroom I was up and walked quietly down the hall to watch and see what went on. Dave come in the house and went to he bathroom. Tammy started making the pull out bed after he came out of the bathroom. When Dave came out of the bathroom he saw Tammy binding over and he could see her ass and bare pussy. They were talking as she made the full out bed for him, she told him to relax and to come over and give her a hand an he did not have to run off that he could stay until he was fine to drive. Well Dave jumped in bed with his boxers on and Tammy laid next to him with her head on his lap. Dave was still talking when she could feel Dave’s cock starting to grow. Tammy just came right out and said “Dave, Jim is pasted out and I really need some hard dick tonight”. Dave then ask what about Jim, she then told him that it was ok with me because she had wanted this for a long time. After that they started to make out and were all over each other like school k**s on prom night. Tammy then pulled out Dave’s Cock and said “is this for little old me” and started to suck his cock. From the view that I had my wife looked like she was in a movie and having fun. After about 10 minutes Dave told her that if she does not stop then he was going to blow it and that he really wanted to do a 69 with her and really wanted to eat her pussy as good as she was doing to his dick. My wife Tammy loves to have her pussy eaten out. So they switched into a 69. Well I had a ragging hard at this point and started to play with my self until I came with a big loud all over the floor. I do have to say it was the most erotic thing I have ever seen and felt, My wife looked so beautiful. I was so turned on by what I was watching that I never got limp at all my cock just stayed hard. When Tammy and Dave started to fuck I had to play with myself again and I came for the second time with another big loud. I thought for sure they might of heard me so I ducked back down the hall for 5 minutes then went back to my spot after I heard going at it again. Tammy was laying on her back for awhile then Dave told her he wanted fuck her doggie style. After about 10 minutes of doggie Tammy told Dave that she wanted him to cum inside of her and to fill her up with his man love because she was about to cum and wanted to cum together. Dave had her get on her stomach as she put some pillows under her and he started to drive his cock in a fast and hard. After about 5 minutes of hard and fast fucking with Tammy moaning really load they both came hard. Hell I thought I hope the neighborhood does not hear her. It was about 4:45am when the sun started to come up I went back to the bedroom and waited until Tammy came back in. Tammy came over to me and looked at my hard penis and said “I think someone has been watching me have fun and must of enjoyed the show” and said that Dave was a little rough so she pulled the sheets back and needed me to cum inside of her and make it feel all better. At that point I told her I want to eat her out and clean her up. I asked her how it was and she said that Dave had a nice big cock and he was also a good pussy licker. Tammy said she was glad I let her have some fun and can’t wait to do it again. Later that morning around 8am I got up and started making a big breakfast for all of us. I told Dave that I was cool with it and Tammy had a good time. I told him its up to her if it happens again. After that Dave and I finished off a couple of bloody Mary’s for old friend ship. Two months after that I got new orders to a ship that was starting its 6 month Long cruise. Tammy told me that she would be fine because she had a nice cock to keep her pussy busy and full while I was gone. Her and Dave got together about every two weeks for some fun/stress relief together. Dave and his girlfriend broke up a week later but I really don’t think he cared. Sense that time Dave has moved on but we have had lots of fun with other guys fucking my wife. I love to watch and hear about her many fun times when she goes out with the girls. I have to say that Tammy and I have never been happier with our new life and love having a open relationship. D&T from Coronado, Ca