Weekend away from home

Mom did date,but never brought any of them home as far as I know. There were a few adult friends I knew about, and got along with them,as they me. One day mom received a phone call that upset her. She came in my room and told me that my uncle had died, and she had to attend the funeral. Taking me out of school for a couple of days was out of the question, so she asked me if I could stay with a friend of ours (I'll call him Jerry) for a few days. Jerry was an older man that was a widower we knew for years. He agreed to take care of me while she was out of state. Wednesday night he came over, he and mom got everything together, and instructions for dropping me off and picking me up Thursday and Friday at school. Mom hugged me and told me to be good and listen to Jerry, and no arguments about doing my homework. When I woke up Thursday morning, mom had already left. Jerry made me breakfast and a lunch, then took me to school. After school he was waiting for me when I came out. We stopped by a burger shop for a snack and went home. After eating and doing my homework, I changed out of my school uniform into at-shirt and shorts. Jerry asked what I wanted to do, I asked if we could go to the park. After playing for a while we came home and had dinner, then I took my shower and dressed for bed. The next morning Jerry woke me up and made breakfast, and took me to school. When he picked me up after school he asked if I liked to go to his house for the weekend, I said sure. We stopped by my house and changed clothes. Driving to his house I realized I didn't get any pajamas, he said it was alright, I could sleep in my underwear. When we got there he said I could go out to play in the backyard till dinner with ready. After a while he called me in to eat. After my shower I just put my underwear pants on, and went up front. There was a scary movie on,but I wanted to watch it. Half way through the movie I said I was scared, he laughed and said to come sit on his lap. He wrapped his arm around me and I felt better. He gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. I felt better and rested my head against his shoulder. He rubbed my chest and stomach a few minutes then rested his hand on my waist. After a few minutes I felt his hand down on my crotch. I looked up to see if he knew where his hand was,but he was watching the movie, so I didn't think any more about it. I felt something moving on my groin and looked down. His fingers were moving around my dick area and it started to tickle. I giggled and said it tickled, he smiled and asked if I liked it. Yes I said, it felt good. He kept doing it till my dick started to grow. Embarrassed I tried to move his hand, he said don't worry about it, if it feels good just relax. At the end of the movie I said I was going to bed. I laid there for a while unable to fall asleep, so I got up and went to his room. He was already in bed when I knocked on his door, he said to come in.I told him I couldn't sleep, and asked if I could stay with him for tonight, he said sure. After a while he moved his hand and rested it on my crotch. Nervous about it I didn't say anything. After a few minutes he started moving his fingers. My dick started to grow and my heart started beating faster. He moved his fingers till they were cupping my dick. He whispered if I was awake, I didn't say anything. He kept tickling my dick till it was so hard it hurt. I finally said my dick was hurting, he asked if I ever played with it.I said no,mom told me it was naughty. He said what your mom doesn't know about is okay here,I said ok. He said to take off my pants and spread my legs apart some. He wrapped his fingers around my dick and stroked for a few minutes, then used his thumb to tickle my piss slit. My breathing quickened as he did this. He asked if I wanted to do his, I said sure but I didn't know how. He took my hand and put it on his dick (he was naked already) and said to wrap my fingers around his softly like he was holding mind. I took it and stroked it till it was hard. He said to do everything he was doing, so as I stroked him,I rubbed the tip with my thumb.It wasn't five minutes before I felt something funny in my groin, then I had the feeling I had to go to the bathroom. He said to relax and keep stroking him. Suddenly my dick started throbbing. "That's it," he said" just relax and let it happen." My heart started pounding and breathing quickened. All of a sudden liquid shoot out of my dick. My whole body shook, and my head began swimming. He said " good boy, did that feel good ". I couldn't speak, I shook my head yes. His dick started throbbing and thick liquid came up of his dick. He wiped us down and pulled the sheets back over us. The next morning he made breakfast and called me to eat. He asked me how I liked what we did, I said I liked it a lot. Good he said. That afternoon we were watching a movie and he said to take everything off and sit on his lap. Nervous about it with the sun shining, he said no one can see. I said okay and stripped down, and got on his lap. He rubbed my dick and balls till I was hard. He squeezed my balls and stroked till liquid came out of my dick. He rubbed it all over my little dick and stroked it till I came. It felt so good, after a while I asked him to do it again, he said I had to wait for a little longer. After dinner we went to bed and stroked each other. After breakfast he stroked me again. He took me home and we waited for my mom. He said any time she needs him to watch me just call.