Weekend in Pattaya

With the k**s both staying with their respective friends, Thuy and I took the opportunity to enjoy some adult fun together. We flew to Pattaya, the self-proclaimed Sex Capital of the World - for a weekend of sex and shopping by the sea. There is a nude/swinger resort in Pattaya, but having read the internet review we decided to not bother.We chose a hotel at the northern end of Pattaya Beach, closer to the shopping malls and not so close to the “in ya face” sex streets at the southern end of the beach towards Walking Street. From our point of view, it’s fun to visit, but we don’t need to live it.I had told Thuy about the bars that have naked Asian and Euro waitresses, “Really? Completely naked? Not even a G-string.”“That’s right – completely naked – and shaved. Not a pussy hair in sight.”“Are you allowed to fuck them?” she asked “I suppose so – subject to the usual negotiation.” Thuy gave me a wry smile “Did you have a negotiation?” “No darling, I thought that I’d wait until we’re there together, then we can both fuck them.” Thuy and I have a rule – we only fuck other people when we’re together.“Hmm – sounds good.” she said with a kiss “Lot’s more fun that way.” Then I added, “You can touch and stroke them and they sit on customer’s lap, and give some low level masturbation. But customers need to stay respectful, no groping or anything like that.” “Fair enough too.” Thuy said, “what about a blow job? Did they suck your cock? I know how much you love it.” she laughed.“No darling, no one sucked my cock in Pattaya. There were some curtained booths at the back – so, I assume that was for quickie, in-house blow jobs.”“Are there bars with naked men as waiters?” now we were getting to Thuy’s real interest. “I don’t know. I’ve not heard it mentioned. But now that you mention it, I’d be surprised if there aren’t.” then thinking a bit more “There probably are bars with naked men as waiters, but they’d be gay bars.”“Ah yes – of course. As usual, full of married men with frumpy wives at home.” And then with a bright smile, “Still, I’d love to have my drinks served by a young man with a handsome stiff cock.” adding with a big smile, “You know how much I enjoy a handsome cock.” I smiled, “Yes darling, we all like strong young cocks - and big balls full of cum.” “Ah yes – so nice.” Thuy smiled to herself, thinking about some of the sexcapades we had enjoyed together with our random young sex guests.“I’ve had a look on the net and there are swinger bars here in Pattaya. I’m sure that we can go and have a few drinks and watch some fucking and get fucked, if we feel like it.” “Hahaha – of course I’d feel like it, you know me darling – once I see a cock, then I want him to fuck me.”Our hotel room was simple but large and had a big balcony with sweeping views out across the bay – a nice place for evening drinks. The bay was very busy with all sorts of boats; boats towing paragliders, boats speeding up and down, jet skis and restaurant boats. The bathroom was separated from the bedroom by a full height clear glass wall, with shower up against the glass – enjoy the ocean view while having a shower.As was our usual habit, we would spend the entire weekend completely naked in our room, and wherever else we could. We enjoy being naked together, not as a boring naturist/nudist thing, but because it’s sexy being naked – for us, it’s a long subtle foreplay. The one concession to adornment was Thuy’s gold waist band that I had bought for her. I liked the elegant simplicity of them. It d****d in a gentle loop on top of her hips and across her stomach.We were both so horny, that we started to undress while the porter was still there. We had a shower together and Thuy lay back on the bed enjoying the ocean view. I spread her legs apart and started to lick her cunt, she was so wet and tasted great, she came twice before I started to fuck her - we spent the next half hour fucking and taking turns to check out the view. I came inside Thuy, filling her vagina with my fresh semen. For the next 20 minutes or so, we just relaxed laying together with my cock still inside her. We talked quietly and drifted in and out of sleep until my cock slowly slipped out of her cunt, followed by a stream; a mixture of my thick creamy semen and her vaginal fluids - it was a good way to put our mark on the room – well, at least to mark the sheets.I got up off the bed and walked onto the balcony. I called back for Thuy to join me, “Come on darling, come out here and check out the view.”“What?” she exclaimed “What if someone sees us?”“I don’t know darling. I can see dozens of other balconies – not a person on any of them and every one has the curtains drawn. Honey, I could fuck you on this railing and nobody would notice. Besides, what are they going to do? Come over and force us to fuck them?” Thuy laughed “No – we wouldn’t be that lucky. But, what if someone took photos and posted them on the internet - and someone recognizes us?” “Darling, given all the naked flesh and sex available here in Pattaya, and the avalanche of new material that gets dumped on internet sex sites every day - I really don’t think we’re making much of a difference. Besides, we’re looking out over the bay, no one can take a recognizable photo. Come on darling, don’t be so silly.”“OK.” She came and joined me standing naked at the glass balustrade, my semen was still dribbling down her inner thigh. Thuy wiped her inner thigh with her fingers and fed them to me “Yum that’s nice, I think I have nice tasting sperm, have you got some more?” we laughed, “yes darling, there’s still lots of your semen inside me.”“I love the look of the gold chain around your waist – it’s stylishly naked.” “Thanks – it does look nice – it looks sexy.” and then kissing me on the lips “Thanks sweetheart.”We looked down to the pool deck 5 floors below – it was the middle of the day and very hot, only a few mad people were at the pool – apparently asleep under their umbrellas. There were two parts to the pool – the main pool which had a brightly coloured slippery slide. At the other end, partly screened by a timber lattice with flowering vines, was a round spa pool. Next to the spa pool was a couple who seemed to be returning our gaze. But, at this distance and behind their sunglasses, it was impossible to see if they were looking at us or just looking in our general direction. They both seemed to be in their mid 40’s, both with well cared for athletic, tanned bodies. She was wearing a bikini made up of tiny triangles of cloth connected by string. Her large breasts settled naturally to the outside of her chest, and the tiny triangles of cloth were not quite covering her nipples. He was stretched out laying on his back, his sleeping penis clearly outlined under his tiny Speedo styled briefs. Thuy reached down and stroked my now returning erection, and then nodding to the couple by the spa,“Mmm – he looks attractive.” She smiled to me and leaned a little further over the rail, pushing her naked breasts forward, “And look darling, he has such a yummy looking penis. I’d love to see that in the flesh.”I smiled back “Yes darling, he is just your type.” as agreement, Thuy squeezed my erection, “Oh yeah. But, I think your cock is bigger – it’s hard to tell at this range. I need to get a better look at it.” then, she added “His wife has nice tits – they look real” Then turning to me “Just your type darling?” “Hahaha – I guess so.” Even from up here I could see that her pussy had swallowed most of the triangle of cloth and her smooth labia lips swelled beyond the cloth – now I really was getting another erection.Walking back inside Thuy said “Come on darling. Let’s go out and have a look around?” Sex is for fun, but for Thuy, shopping is important.Shopping for Thuy – and her friends – is a serious recreational pursuit. We found two shopping centres, one being a modern 6 storey mall with lots of international brands, the other being like an air-conditioned version of the street shops. By the time we got back to our room, it was mid-afternoon and we were feeling hot and bothered, “How about a swim sweetheart?” I suggested. “Maybe the handsome couple are still there?” I couldn’t be bothered looking to check. “Yes, that’s a great idea.” Thuy agreed.We had a quick rinse under the shower and Thuy unpacked our swimming costumes. They were from her internet range of erotic clothes – she was making good money designing and selling very high quality erotic clothing. Her single piece swim suit was basically tiny shorts, with two broad ribbons that tapered up and passed over her breasts and tied behind her neck. So long as she stood upright, the cloth covered her nipples. It was a really great design. The garment was just a single layer of gossamer thin floral printed fabric. Once the fabric was wet, it just about vanished and looked more like a floral tattoo. My swim shorts were styled as brief shorts and made from the same vanishing fabric as Thuy’s swim costume. We wrapped cotton sarongs around ourselves and headed off to the pool.The pool deck was now deserted except for the couple by the spa. We didn’t want to impose on their space too much, so we chose a pair of lounges on the other side of the spa – directly opposite them. The man was laying on his front, his wife was sitting up reading a fashion magazine. As I laid out our towels, the man then turned over and lay on his back and watched us from behind his shades. “Do you want some sun cream darling?” I asked Thuy, “Mmmm – yes please. Can you use the coconut oil instead?” she smiled up to me, “Make sure you don’t miss anywhere – I wouldn’t want to get sunburnt in any sensitive places.” Thuy lay on her front, spread her legs apart, open to the couple across the spa. The crouch of her swimsuit was nothing more than a thin ribbon of fabric that nestled neatly between her smooth pussy lips. I untied the strap behind her neck and massaged her neck and shoulders, and down along her back with the coconut oil. As I moved lower, Thuy moaned her pleasure and pushed up into my hands as I massaged her hips, I ran my hands under her swimsuit to massage her buttocks. My fingers slipped between her labia lips, Thuy’s vagina was so wet, the fluid had soaked the crouch of her swimming costume. I sat up and sucked her juice from my fingers, I could still taste my semen.Of course, I was aware that the other couple where watching, and I made sure they had a lot to see. By the time I was finished, Thuy’s swimming costume was transparent with coconut oil and I had a huge erection. I lay down on the other lounge on my side, facing Thuy, and we chatted together.I didn’t see the other couple stand up, but after 15 or 20 minutes, the man was standing next to Thuy, “Hello” he said, I looked up and smiled “Hello.” “My wife and I are going up to our room for drink, and to watch the sunset - would you like to join us?”I rolled over, and lay on my back to get a better look – he had a huge boner that was bursting out of his swimmers. I looked straight at his cock and spoke to Thuy, who was genuinely asleep; “Darling, these lovely people have invited us to their room for a drink. Would you like to come?” he smiled at my innuendo.Thuy turned slightly towards me and gave another of her sly smiles,“Of course, darling – I would love to come with them – and have a drink or two.”They gave us their room number, it was directly above our room, 2 more floors up.His wife added “Just come as you are, no need to get changed – we won’t.” At the last minute, the man turned to me to say, “By the way – I’m Geoff and this is my wife Camille.” Thuy and I gathered our things and followed 15 minutes behind them. I knocked on their door, Camille opened it to reveal a small lobby, it seems that their room was more of an apartment that a hotel room. Camille wore nothing but the tiny bikini she was wearing at the pool, she also had a glittering gem in a belly button stud. In the French fashion, she offered me her cheek to kiss in greeting, as I kissed her on each cheek, she rested one hand on my shoulder and her other cupped my balls and my swelling cock, “Bon jour. Welcome – come inside” She said in a surprisingly hoarse French accent. “Thank you – I usually do.” I replied - she laughed, “that is good.”Camille greeted Thuy with the same kissed cheeks, while she massaged Thuy’s breast.We left our sarongs in the lobby cupboard and opened the door into the apartment.Their apartment is two hotel rooms joined together. We entered into the living room side which has a kitchen where our bathroom is - the other half was the bedroom with the same clear glass wall to the bathroom.Camille came up behind Thuy and caressed her bottom saying, “I love your swimming costume, where did you get it?” Thuy turned and replied “I design and make a range of erotic clothing.” “Really? It’s fabulous, and so so sexy.” “Thank you.” “And I like your waist chain – that’s a stylish touch.” “Ah.” Thuy smiled “Andrew made me wear it, I’m not much of a jewelry sort of a person, but it’s low key and attractive, so I don’t mind.”Geoff came in from the balcony “Welcome – nice to see you.” we shook hands, “Can I get you a drink? We have some cold white wine out here on the balcony." “Yes, thank you.” I said walking out to the balcony “A cold drink would be very welcome.”Geoff had a surprisingly well stocked cocktail bar out on the balcony with ice chests and lots of glasses.“This is impressive.” I said “I’ll have a beer first up, I’m actually thirsty, I’ll switch to wine later.”“Sure, not a problem.” Geoff handed me a cold beer in a bottle “We’re having a few friends over later, and seeing you at the pool, we thought you two might fit in.” “Great, thank you.” “Here’s a wine for your wife. I think Camille is giving her the dime tour.”It was then that I turned back and noticed that there were two staff in the kitchen – a young man and a very pretty young girl – they were arranging food onto trays. I instantly felt self-conscious about what I wasn’t wearing, but in the same instant, seeing that they were completely naked – I didn’t feel so awkward. I went over to deliver the drink to Thuy. She and Camille has got rid of their swimming costumes were now both naked and lying on the couch together, fondling each other’s body and chatting. As I approached, I looked at Thuy and nodded to the naked young man in the kitchen, “Well darling, it looks as if we’ve found you a naked young waiter.” Thuy smiled “Yes, lucky me.” then “he looks very…….well, just what I was hoping for, young and handsome and so well hung.” and then “and the girl is rather cute don’t you think?” it was true, the young girl was very fuckable – she’d make a perfect weekend sex guest for us.Camille took her drink from Geoff saying, “They’re a good couple, we hire them quite a bit when we come down from Bangkok. They’re brother and sister, he works in a restaurant and she goes to a local junior high.” They were placing salmon and cream-cheese on biscuits onto a try – all the food seemed to be fish based and reputedly with aphrodisiac effect – oysters and salmon and smoked muscles and octopus and other exotic things.“Let’s sit with the girls.” Geoff suggested “we can enjoy the sunset while we have a few drinks.” Geoff sat in one corner of the leather couch and Camille sat back into his body with one leg up on the seat – she gave us a fine view of her shaved pussy.Thuy and I sat at the other end of the same couch. Camille and Thuy overlapped their legs. Looking straight at Camille’s pouting labia lips, I couldn’t avoid saying, “You’re right – it’s a really nice view from here.” Camille smiled back to me and fingered her pussy.She laughed “And your lovely wife has such a very very pretty pussy. Don’t you agree Geoff?” Camille opened her legs a little wider and grabbed hold of her husband’s stiff cock and masturbated him, he smiled “Oh yes darling, a very pretty, very neat pussy.”Of course, by now I had huge erection, Camille looked to it, “Thuy my darling, you really should release your husband’s penis, it looks like it’s suffocating inside those tiny swimmers.” I stood up and slipped off my swimming shorts, my erection leapt into freedom, Camille looked like she had seen her Christmas gift “Oh wow – what a beautiful cock your husband has. I really want that inside me.” “Sure, you can fuck him” Thuy answered “but to be fair, that means I get to fuck your husband.” Geoff piped up “That’s OK with me Miss Thuy, I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I was watching Andrew massaging you down at the pool” I knew that this would make Thuy very horny indeed, she loves knowing that she is the object a man’s sexual fantasies.Then Camille laughed to Thuy, “Oh darling, there’s going to be so much high quality cock and pussy tonight. You can have as much as you can handle. You need to be good at swallowing fast or you might drown in semen.” Thuy laughed, saying “Really? That sounds great. But I hope I don’t drown.”I sucked Thuy’s nipple, “Well darling, you better learn to swallow fast.” As we finished our drinks we handed the glasses to the naked waiter, Thuy took the opportunity to reached out and grasped the young man’s cock. It wasn’t fully erect, but it was nice a firm, he was clean shaved, circumcised and quite large. She gave him a few tugs then sucked the head of his penis before letting him return to being a waiter. By now Geoff had Camille on her knees on the couch and leaning over the back, and he was fucking her from behind.Thuy kept masturbating me then asked, “Darling do want to swap? I really want Geoff to fuck me.” and then as an addition, “And besides, Camille said she wants you to fuck her, so I think you should.” The reality was that Thuy just couldn’t wait to get Geoff’s cock inside her. So, I said, “Sure darling, go ahead, I’m sure Geoff will enjoy fucking you just as he imagined.” she kissed me then knelt next to Camille, wrapped an arm around Camille’s shoulders and started kissing her passionately.Geoff simply pulled out of Camille and took one step to the left and shoved the full length of his cock inside my wife’s hungry wet cunt – no easing it in– he just shoved it into her.Thuy sighed “Oh yeah – I love it.” Geoff started to fuck Thuy with a steady rhythm, but Thuy wanted more “Fuck me harder Geoff – really fuck me.” she demanded. Next thing Thuy was just about being rammed over the back of the couch, “Ahhhh yeah – that’s better.” She moaned “I love being fucked like this.” she went back to kissing Camille.I felt more like a blow job so, I went around the other side of the couch and pushed my erection between the two women. Camille took my cock in her hands and masturbated me before sucking the head of my penis and then over four or five gulps, she swallowed my entire length into her mouth. Camille was really great at sucking cock – she had a way of massaged my balls with one hand and masturbating my cock in time with her wet mouth moving up and down my shaft – it was great technique.I looked down at Thuy, the look on her face – I could see that she was transported to another world of sexual pleasure as Geoff crashed his erection deep deep inside my wife’s vagina.Camille took my cock out of her mouth to say “Andrew darling, I love sucking your cock, but what I really want is to be fucked by that big thing – how about you fuck me, same as Geoff is fucking your wife?” I walked around to the other side of the couch and started by sucking Camille’s cunt. She was very wet and had a nice subtle taste, I knew that Thuy would enjoy her later. I shoved my cock straight into Camille’s cunt, she loved it “Yeah, that’s great. I just love a big cock inside of me.” So here we were, within an hour of meeting them - Geoff was fucking my wife and I was fucking his wife – couldn’t be better. Camille’s cunt was different from my wife, not quite as firm as Thuy, but she was still very satisfying. I banged her as hard as I could and she loved it, laughing and moaning.As my orgasm built, Camille said she wanted me to cum in her mouth. When I did cum, I blew a huge load of semen into her mouth. Camille pulled back and smiled, letting some semen dribble from the corners of her mouth. Then Camille turned and held Thuy’s head and pulled her into a long and passionate kiss – letting my semen flow between them.Seeing Camille swapping my cum with my wife, had the effect of bringing on Geoff’s orgasm. Between Geoff’s powerful thrusts Thuy moaned “Oh yeah, fill my cunt - cum inside me – don’t pull out.” Geoff was holding Thuy by her hips – as his orgasm jolted through his body, he held Thuy hard and made sure his cock was shooting his semen deep inside my wife’s vagina.Camille leant across and kissed Thuy’s opened her mouth again and, then to her husband “Go on darling – fuck this yummy mummy slut.” Thuy returned Camille’s kisses as her husband sprayed my wife’s cervix with his hot sperm.When he was done with cumming inside Thuy, he stepped back and collapsed onto the couch. “Oh wow – that was great. You’re such and good fuck” he smiled. Thuy collapsed next him, “Yeah, that was fun - I feel well and truly fucked.”The girls lazed back on the couch their faces covered in my semen, and smiling. Geoff and I got another round of drinks. We returned to see Thuy laying back, one leg over the back of the couch and Camille, her face buried into my wife’s swollen and well used pussy, sucking her husband’s semen from my wife’s vagina.Thuy reached up and took the Long Island Iced Tea that I had made for her, “Thanks darling.” And then to be clear “I mean thanks for the fuck.” “That’s Ok honey, it looks like we have a long night of fun and fucking coming up.” Thuy smiled “Yes, so it seems.’ then “Darling can you fuck me soon please?” “Of course, I will sweetheart.” “I want to feel your cock before the others arrive.”The sun had set and the other guests were due to arrive soon.