Weightloss Clinic

This is how it all began and how I remember it. My daughter got caught up with the idea that she was overweight and wanted to do something drastic to lose the weight. She and my wife are almost identical in size and shape so I can tell you their measurements, 38 b-28-38 at 5?9? and 130 lbs. I thought they were just fine. Well, Sam (short for Samantha) my wife, and Anna talked it over for a week and Anna found a weight loss clinic via one of her friends at school who told her that she had lost over 30 inches and 25 lbs. Sam and Anna approached me and we talked it over. The flier had a guarantee that if there wasn't any noticeable difference in the way the client looked after the 730 day long process there was a 100% money back guarantee. I asked about the process and was told it consisted of a new diet including eating habits and a heavy workout regiment. The only thing is that for the first 350 days the client had to stay at an undisclosed facility that was set up locally. We all finally agreed so Sam and Anna both left for the process. I was able to visit with supervision on the weekends and every thing was going well. Both Sam and Anna were getting noticeably thinner and very attractive. It may have been my imagination, but they both looked sexier and seemed a lot happier. In the fifth month, Sam told me she had gained some weight back and as a punishment she was not to be allowed visitors, but we could still talk on the phone. It was hard not to see Sam but I was still able to visit Anna. And, for the next month I went every weekend till on the last weekend Anna told me that she got into the same trouble as Sam and I could not see her either. This lasted for almost a full year. I called the office and was told that the process could take up to the 730 days, but if I wanted to cancel the contract I would loose my money. I told them it was ok if the women agreed to it and I was informed that the women had already agreed to stay. The phone calls were every night and sometimes the girls were in tears. Other times they called during their workouts, but it was always a good thing. When I was able to see them again they looked fantastic. Sam broke down and showed me the stretch marks on her ass and cried on my shoulder and we hugged. She seemed to be a lot more solid and she told me that she has to work out two to three times a day and sometimes more. Sam and Anna both stayed another three and a half months and after they got out had to go back every night to weigh in and workout This went on till Anna started to put on some more weight. Her stomach and ass started getting fat again and she had to go back to the facility. Sam was worried about her and when she was at the facility she said she was able to talk to Anna and she was fine. When Sam came home she was like a new woman. She was lean, her breasts went from a b-cup to a c-cup and she measured 36-24-36 and weighed 100 lbs. She wanted sex every night and she wanted to try new things. Sam never let me eat her out and she wanted that all the time now, and she never wanted the lights on and now I couldn't turn them off. She also had not been a person that wanted to give head and now she would do that at almost any time. She told me that loosing the weight and the way other people looked at her made her feel sexy and she wanted to please me so she would do these things now. I was very happy and to tell you the truth I liked the new Sam. Six months after Anna went back to the facility Sam started to gain the weight back and had to go back in. Again they told me no visits but phone contact was permitted. We talked every night. Sam and Anna were sharing a room so I got to hear both of them every night. Again this went on for a year and when they came home they both looked great. Well, they both have been out for the last year and Sam's interest in intercourse with me has been almost nonexistent except for the fact that she still loves oral sex both giving and receiving. Anna on the other hand broke up with her old boyfriend and now has a live-in that she says reminds her of me. One day about two months ago I came downstairs and I saw Mark (Anna's boyfriend) walk by the bottom of the stairs naked. I stopped in my tracks and thought what the hell is this jerk doing? When I regained my thoughts I started to head down to tell him a thing or two. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I looked over and saw Anna kneeling in front of Mark, again I stopped. Mark's back was turned towards me with his legs spread and I could see Anna's naked body. I took a small step to the side and stood behind an open door to watch threw the crack. Anna was sucking his cock and when she stood up I thought she saw me but when she pulled Mark over to the couch and knelt between his legs I figured she hadn't. Anna was just as beautiful as her mother and her ass looked like it was slightly smaller as did her tits. As she sucked Mark she slid her hand between her legs and fingered her pussy. I was ashamed but I couldn't stop watching my daughter with this man. After a short time she pulled his head down on to the couch and straddled his head. I watched as he licked her pussy but my view wasn't to good so I moved to the other door and found it to be a better view. I could see that Anna is just like her mother in the aspect that she was very wet. Anna had one orgasm and then got Mark to stand up and sit on the arm of the couch. She then stood in front of him and took his cock from behind. She soon took his hand and led him towards the doorway I was standing in and she started up the stairs where they started to fuck again when she looked behind the door I was behind at first and saw I wasn't there. She had a slight look of disappointment on her face. But she let Mark continue to fuck her, I watched as they moved into several positions and when Mark said he was about to cum. Anna had him pull out and started to suck his cock again. As he came in her mouth, she looked at me and winked and continued to suck his cock. She told mark to go get in the shower and said she had to straighten up before I got home. As he went into the bathroom, she came over and shut the door I was standing behind. I was red faced as she looked me in the eye and asked if I enjoyed what I saw. But she grabbed my hard-on and said ?You don't have to say a word daddy, I can tell you did!? With that she pulled my head down to hers and gave me a small peck on the lips and undid my fly. I felt her hand snake into my pants and when I went to say something her mouth covered mine and I felt her tongue in my mouth as her hand grabbed my naked cock. She was French kissing me and stroking my cock at the same time. I could not think straight. I just saw her get fucked and now this. I started to moan and she broke the kiss and knelt down taking my cock in her mouth as I started to cum, she didn't miss a drop. As she stood up she kissed me again pushing some of my cum in to my mouth, she then winked and said 'this will be our secret? as she zipped my pants back up and turned to go upstairs. She paused on the bottom step and told me to go hide in her closet. I watched her go into the bathroom and then went into her closet. About ten minutes later they both came into the room and Mark had on a blindfold. Anna came into the closet and got a box, then grabbed my hand and led me back into the room. She told mark to get on the bed and wait, she told him she wanted to make a call and that she would be right back. She pulled me into the hall and told me that she wanted me naked and started to pull my T-shirt over my head. When I started to say something again, her mouth was on mine. Bu I gave in and helped her undress me. When I was naked we went back into the room and she told Mark that she called a friend and he would be over shortly but if he peeked his fantasy would end and he would have to leave and not come back. He agreed with her and she told him that she left the door open so he could come in, she then started to suck his cock and I watched. She had me kneel behind her as she sucked him and she took my hand and put it on her ass. She then moved it towards her pussy and when I felt the warm folds of her pussy my hand started to move on it own, she moaned and took her hand away. I couldn't believe this, here I was totally naked with a raging hard-on, finger fucking my daughter while she sucked another mans cock. She then pulled my hand away as she stood up and said well look who's here and turned and kissed me. She then grabbed my cock and pulled me up to the side of the bed and took Mark's hand and put it on my cock as well. She then said ?You know Mark, if you don't want this to happen you just have to say so?. Mark stammered ?I do, you know I do.? Anna then asked what he wanted and Mark replied ?To feel you fuck another man.? I was about to protest when Anna said ?That wasn't going to happen today, but you can feel me blow him.? Mark agreed as Anna fell to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Anna kept me hard for what seemed like an hour without letting me cum, she would get me close then stop and squeeze the base of my cock till the urge went away and then continue, she had mark stroke me and even at one point he sucked my cock, Anna then had me worked up so much that she stood up and had me sit on the side of the bed, she then pulled out a strap on dildo from the box and put it on while Mark sucked my cock. She then told Mark to suck her cock and he did so. After a few minutes she sat on my lap and Mark sucked her cock and licked my balls as she kissed me, she then told me to lie down and that she wanted to do something. She had Mark get on all fours above my head and she lubed the dildo up and eased it into his ass, her pussy was right above my mouth and she told me to lick it, I could not help myself and I slid my tongue over her clit she shuddered and by the way she was moving I knew she was cumming. She fucked Mark for a few minutes and then she pulled out of his ass, disconnected the dildo and told him to fuck himself, after he started to Anna came and sat on my knees facing me and started kissing me again as we kissed she was playing with my cock and she whispered to me ?Daddy I want to feel you? and with that and a quick movement she had my cock buried completely in her wet, warm and slippery pussy, again I opened my mouth to object but this time I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. She sat perfectly still for a long time and then she started to move, when she had a good movement going she told Mark to get on the floor behind us and start licking. When he did so I thought I was going to loose it and clamped my mouth on Anna's tit. She finally told Mark to stop and she changed position so that I was doing her doggie style and Mark was licking her pussy from underneath and she had the dildo completely in his ass. We then switched to her on top of me and Mark at the foot of the bed licking her ass as we fucked, I told her I was about to cum and she ground her hips tightly against my pelvis I guess the thought of cumming in my daughter made me not cum right then but made my cock that much harder. Anna just smiled at me and asked ?Not yet, unless you can again later? Are you willing to do this again?? I looked puzzled and she asked ?Alone?? I nodded yes and with that she really started to work her pussy up and down my cock I told her I was about to cum again and this time she pulled off my cock and I felt Marks mouth engulf me as I came, Anna clamped her mouth on mine and we kissed until I went limp in Marks mouth. I got up and walked to the door as Anna sucked Marks cock, before I closed the door she reminded me ?Don't forget later just you and I!? I went to my shower and got cleaned up. I was exhausted and when I lied on the bed I must have fallen right to sleep, the next thing I knew the phone woke me up and it was Sam she told me that she was expected to do two more workouts tonight and I knew that meant she was going to be home around one or two in the morning I looked at the clock and it was going on six. That meant I slept for almost three hours, I could tell that Sam must have been working out hard because her breathing was labored and quick, she then told me that Anna called her and she had sent Mark to the next town to pick up the delivery she was expecting and that he was going to be in till the morning so I was stuck home without my car. As we spoke I didn't see Anna come into the room but when she put her hand on my waist I jumped and almost dropped the phone, Anna pulled the covers off me and took my hard cock into her mouth I had a very hard time thinking and I finely told Sam something came up and I had to go deal with it we said our ?I love you? and I hung the phone up. Anna stopped and giggled and looked me in the eye and said ?I see something did come up and it dose need to be dealt with, Daddy please fuck me!? With that she threw her leg over my waist and pointed my cock at her pussy ?Anna? I said 'this is not right, your my daughter? my cock was now nestled against the entrance of her pussy, ?We should not be doing this.? She lowered herself an inch and said ?Daddy, if you want to stop then tell me and I'll get off.? I looked in to her eyes and said ?Baby that was your mom on the phone? Neither of us moved, my cock still an inch in her pussy 'they are going to have her work out two extra times tonight.? With that, Anna kissed me and then said ?I sent Mark out of town till tomorrow? and then I kissed her. We stayed like that for a few more seconds and then she lowered herself another inch, ?If anyone finds out? I said ?They won't?, she continued. I pushed up another two inches into her and she kissed me ?I'm a bad girl daddy and I know this is wrong but it feels so good? and she pushed down another inch ?I love you Anna? I said ?and this does feel extremely good and bad at the same time. Do you want me to stop?? With that, she sank the rest of the way onto my cock and I said ?Nooooo!? in a soft whisper. We stayed like that for a while kissing and then she started to move. I began matching her rhythm and soon we were fucking pretty hard our mouths never parted and we kept this up for almost five minutes and I told her I had to slow down or I would cum soon. She then got off my cock and straddled my head she then lowered he pussy to my mouth and I began eating her out, I was so turned on that I licked every part including her asshole. That's something I never even did with Sam but I wanted to please Anna more than anything. After fifteen minutes and Anna having at least three orgasms she had me enter her doggie style and she looked back at me over her shoulder and asked ?Do you do that to mom?? I said ?Yes... well most of that? she then asked ?What don't you do with mom?? I looked at her and said ?Anything to do with the ass.? She then looked at me and then said ?OK then before the night is over I want you to fuck my ass!? The thought of fucking my daughter's ass put me over the edge and I told her I was about to cum. She then asked mouth or pussy, I said mouth and she turned around and sucked my cock into her mouth, then she kissed me mingling my cum between us. We lied on the bed and Anna cuddled up next to me I looked at the clock and it was seven thirty we had been making love for an hour and a half. The next thing I knew Anna was sucking my cock again and when she saw I was awake she took some cream and rubbed it on my cock, ?This will make you stay hard longer? It felt warm and then the sensation went threw the roof. I felt every little movement that she made. She then straddled my waist and my cock slid all the way in her pussy. She then kissed me and said ?Daddy you have two more holes to fill with your cum, do you want to?? I responded ?Honey is that what you want?? She nodded yes and I said ?If you want me to cum in you, tell me? Her response was ?I do?, so I just started fucking that wet warm slippery pussy and before long I told her I was about to cum and she pressed down with all her weight taking as much of me into her pussy as possible and I exploded with spurt after spurt of cum in her pussy with our lips locked together. We stayed like that for a while and I was waiting for my cock to go soft but it didn't she started to move again and soon we were fucking again we swapped positions again and soon she pulled me out of her pussy and had me sit on the bed she straddled my legs and aimed my cock for her back door. She slowly lowered herself down till my cock head popped inside and she stopped. We kissed, it felt so tight around my cock I pulled away and told her it wouldn't fit but she just kissed me again and I felt her slide down half my cock. She then broke our kiss and said ?It feels really good, push it in all the way? with that I pushed the rest of my cock in, she sat there like that for several minutes kissing and hugging me. With my cock in her ass she asked ?Do you love me daddy?? I told her ?Yes I love you!? then she rose off my cock till just the head was still in and she sank all the way back down. She started a rhythmic movement and I tried to keep up but couldn't Anna then had me stand up pushing her against the wall with her feet over my shoulders and I fucked her ass like that for a few minutes then she had me enter her ass while she was on her back. I looked at the clock and saw that the time was almost ten and we were still going. Anna must have had four or five orgasms while I fucked her in the ass. I was nearing my third orgasm of the night and Anna said ?Cum in my ass Daddy!? and I did, when I pulled out I watched as my cum oozed out of her pussy and ass onto my bed. I expected my hard on to go away but it didn't. Anna grabbed my hand and took me to the shower. In the shower she cleaned me and I cleaned her, we started fucking again and soon we were back in the bed. We ended up spooning when I came in her pussy again and we fell asleep like that. When I woke up I was still hard and still in Anna I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 1:00 and knew Sam would be home between 1:30 and 2:00, so I tried to wake Anna but in doing so the feeling of her pussy around my cock was to great and I just started to fuck her again. She was pushing back in time with my thrusts and she then pulled away and pushed me onto my back, she guided me into her ass again and started to kiss me. I held out as long as I could and I blew my cum in her ass, she then got on top of me in a 69 position and started to lick my cock and balls I looked at her pussy and ass and my cum was still dripping out of them and I just started eating it all up, Anna made me cum one more time and left the room as Sam pulled into the garage. I turned over and found the sheets wet and cold I knew I had to sleep on the wet spot tonight, Sam came in and went and took a shower I went in and joined her but she told me she was too tired tonight to do anything. I took the clue and went back to bed . When she came back out she told me maybe in the morning. I had a hard time falling asleep but I finally did and in the morning I woke to Sam sucking my cock. I thought ?If she only knew that IT was in her daughter last night.? Well, Sam swung her leg over my head and lowered her pussy to my face. This time I did the same thing as I did to my daughter's pussy and ass, I licked Sam's ass and she came instantly and I flooded her mouth with my cum. Later that day Mark came back and he and Anna spent most of the day in there room, They came down for lunch and dinner and then Mark had to go to his parents house for his brothers birthday. Sam went to do her workout and Anna came and sat on my lap, she kissed me and asked if I would join her in the bedroom. We went to her room and as we entered I saw the swing hanging from the ceiling, she got undressed and got in the swing ?I want you to try this first.? With that, I was naked and between her legs in no time. I fucked her once in the pussy and once in the ass leaving my cum in both holes. We then took a shower together and went down to watch TV. Anna was curled up in my arm and I was watching the news when Sam came in. I didn't realize what was happening till it was to late. I had my hand on Anna's tit tracing her nipple with my finger and she had my erect cock in her hand as Sam came in the room. Anna took me into her mouth. Sam looked at me and said hi, I looked up and said hi and then realized that Anna was sucking my cock and Sam was standing next to us. I tried to pull away but couldn't and Anna had put the cream on me so I wouldn't lose my hard-on. I was scared out of my gord but Sam sat on the arm of the couch and put her hand on my head and said relax let it happen, Anna kept sucking till I was about to cum and stopped she looked at her mom and said ?Hello? then Anna stood up and Sam pulled her robe off. As Anna swung her leg over mine Sam asked ?Well?? Anna looked at her and then at me and said ?Well, lets see, Mark asked me to marry him? and she showed us the ring then with the same hand she guided my cock to her pussy ?and the date is in 6 months.? I'm still in shock as my daughter lowered herself on to my cock in front of her mom. Anna continued ?It hasn't happened yet but I hope soon.? Sam then looked at me and said ?I hope so, they want you back.? Anna was now riding up and down my pole and I looked at Sam and asked ?They? Who they, and who do they want back?? Sam's reply was 'the boys at the facility, and they want Anna and me both back.? ?What do you mean back?? Sam just got up and pulled her skirt up and stood over my face this time she didn't take a shower and I could smell the sex and see the cum around her pussy she reached down and pulled out what looked like a small plug from her pussy and she sat on my face, Her only words were ?Fucking eat it.? I did what I was told and when she had no more cum for me to eat, she stepped away. I was speechless and soon flooded Anna's pussy with my cum. When she got off me she reached into her pocket and pulled out a similar device and stuck it in her pussy. Sam then sat on the couch next to me and started to lick my cock, she then told me ?The weight loss clinic is for real but they have another clinic as well. The other clinic is for women that aren't satisfied by their husbands or boyfriends, and these woman that attend this clinic have two choices. One, they can go there and get laid by several men with protection like condom's, IUD's or birth control. Or they, if at any point want to, can switch to the more rigorous program which means there is no protection and the woman get more men and the chance of pregnancy is much greater, so far its been 100%.? With that she took my cock in her mouth again and started sucking me. I stammered ?Get pregnant?? and she nodded her head but didn't stop sucking me, ?You mean you can get pregnant?? She stopped and then looked me in the eye ?Yes, pregnant and it already happened!? I guess I looked puzzled and I asked ?Now?? She said ?Yes!' and your due? I asked, ?7 months? she said as she was still stroking my cock. She then looked at Anna. Anna got up and moved over to me and pulled out the device straddled my legs and sank on my cock as I just watched. Sam then said ?As a mater of fact this isn't the first, it's not even the second, this is my third c***d I'm having.? With that I flooded my daughter's pussy again. This time she just sat there and she kissed me on the lips. She continued to kiss me even more and more prevalently till I finally gave in and kissed her back. She started to move again and she picked up the pace. Anna stopped kissing me and held my face and said ?Daddy, do you like fucking your daughter's pussy?? I just said ?YES!? ?Am I a better fuck then mom? Be honest daddy!? I looked her in the eye and said ?Yes? and then Sam sat next to me and said look at this. She held up a small camcorder and hit the play button. It started with a close up of my cock in Anna's pussy and then zoomed out as she started to move it then it zoomed in on our kissing and the question. ?This is great? Sam said ?Now you need to do as we tell you.? I just looked at her while Anna kept riding my cock. Sam then told me ?When you can't cum any more, come to the bedroom!?, with that she left. Anna then kissed my neck and said it'll be all right and continued to fuck me. I came two more times in Anna's pussy then walked up to the bedroom. I felt sick, I didn't know what to do. When I entered the bedroom Sam was lying naked on the bed and told me to eat her out, I did as I was told and got between her legs. Then she told me this ?OK, you are sick because you think that someone will find out your fucking your daughter. Well if you disobey me they will know you fucked her but the fact of the matter is she is not your daughter. It's a long story and as long as you eat me I'll tell you.? I nodded and continued to eat her pussy. ?This all started a long time ago and I don't know exactly when or where, but I know since my great great great grand mother, none of there husbands ever sired a c***d with their wives. The father always inseminated the wife's daughters. The truth of the matter is Anna is my mom's husbands, c***d not yours.? After hearing this I must have passed out. The next morning, Anna woke me up and helped me to the shower. I asked where Sam was and she told me she went to the clinic. I looked at her and she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I wasn't paying much attention but she was applying the cream to me, so it surprised me when I grew hard so quickly when I was fully erect. She leaned against the wall and looked over her shoulder and just told me to fuck her. As I fucked Anna for the third time on the bed, Sam came home and pulled out a stack of about 100 DVD's. She took the first DVD and put it in the player. It was clinic intake session that Sam and Anna went threw, the questions they were asked, and then the physical with the big black doctor. Next, were the rooms and the workouts. Sam ejected that DVD and said ?That was the first three days. Nothing interesting on that one. Here is the next three days. It was when the protein drinks started.? I watched the tape and saw that the protean drink was in fact the collected sperm from several of the black staff. I watched as Sam drank it down and soon was asking for more. Sam then put the fifth disk in and one of the counselors asked Sam about our sex life. She told them everything all the way down to how long I lasted and the shortest time it took me to cum. They laughed and then his hand was on her knee and he asked her if she would ever cheat on me. Sam thought for a moment and she said she had thought about it and she did not know. The counselor rubbed her thigh and stood and walked out of the room. The next shot was of Sam naked on the scale and the same counselor next to her. She had lost 5 lbs and she turned and hugged the counselor at first. The hug seemed normal and then before she broke the hug she kissed him on the lips. That afternoon, by the timestamp, the same counselor was in her room they again were talking about sex and me and then when he put his hand on her thigh her hand fell on top of it Then, Sam sitting next to Anna and I, said ?Watch this is where it gets fun.? And with that, I watched the TV again and saw the counselor get up and Sam's hand reached out and felt his crotch. The counselor took her hand off his semi-erect manhood and told her that if she continued he would have to change her plan. Sam looked at him and said I want you to change my plan. He sat back down and asked her if she was on any sort of birth control and she told him she wasn't. He then asked more about her cycle and then asked about swallowing cum. She said that she didn't like to and then he told her about the protein drinks. She thought about it a second and she reached for his zipper and pulled out his cock. She then said ok lets find out and she dropped to her knees she sucked him off and swallowed his cum. She got up and said ?I changed my mind, I love the taste of sperm, especially black sperm!? And that ended the DVD. The next scene showed Sam putting in a diaphragm and then some spermicidal cream and three big black men came in the room. She dropped to her knees and started sucking them off. They each in turn put on a condom and fucked her. I watched as the first man started to push his cock in to her pussy and she had him stop with just the head in. He was a lot bigger than me and she told him that it hurt and she wanted him to stop. He left the head in and started to kiss her and soon she was trying to push up to him. He could only get about half of his cock in her pussy and she told him to get off. He looked mad but she then told him to sit on the bed and she sat on his lap and kissed him some more. She then reached between her legs and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy and lowered herself half way down on to it. She was still kissing him as she rose off of him and than sank back on to his cock. She had almost all of him in her when he said he was about to cum and she jumped off of him and started to suck his cock. He came in her mouth while the second man got behind her and stuffed his cock in her pussy. He was thicker than the first and did not go all the way in but after a few strokes he was balls deep. He fucked her for about five minutes and then said he was going to cum and she knelt in front of him and drank his sperm. Then the third man, the biggest of the three, got between her legs and pressed half of his cock in to her in one thrust. Sam came at that point and the man drove his cock home till his balls were pressed against her ass. He fucked her for ten minutes and then pulled out and turned her onto her knees and slid his entire condom covered cock back in to her pussy. He fucked her harder and she came again. They changed positions again and she was on top kissing him as they fucked. He told her he was going to cum and she sucked his sperm down. Then the first man got behind her and started fucking her again. This time he was able to slide his entire cock in her pussy. He filled the condom while fucking her and when he pulled out she drank the sperm from it. When the third man took his turn and he started to cum. Sam came so hard that she started to shake. When the guy pulled out the condom it was broken and his cum spilled out of her pussy. When the men left, the counselor came back in the room and asked her if it was anything like what she thought. She told him no and then they talked about how it felt and she told him no more condoms. She then said that when that man started to cum she felt the spurts in her and she just came. She then reached out and unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock and told him she wanted him to fuck her. He got up and pushed his cock in her pussy and fucked her till he flooded her with his cum. As I watched this I, came again. Anna never got off my lap, she was just swaying back and forth when Sam put in the fourth DVD and told me that she had something special for me. She hit the start button. It was Sam sucking one man, stroking the cock's of two other men in each hand, and sitting on another, She was looking at the camera and then she said ?Just for you honey? and went back to sucking the black cock in front of her. I watched as she let each man fuck and cum in her pussy, and then four more. All told, about twelve men came in her and the camera stopped. Then it started back up, it was her talking ?Honey, I'll be home shortly and all this cum in my pussy is yours since I'm already pregnant.? Next, she filmed the front of the house and then filmed me and Anna as she walked in. The DVD was from today. Sam stood up and made me eat the cum from her pussy, I came again in Anna.Anna is now pregnant with my c***d and she is due in 6 months. Sam is due in 3 months and if Anna has a boy, I will have to get her pregnant again till she has a girl. They won't let us get an ultrasound so we won't know till she has the c***d. I've seen the birth of the four black boys. Anna and Sam both had two each. I've seen all the DVD's of Sam and Anna and watched as they fucked over 50 or 60 men each, maybe even more. More than 95% with no protection. I still get my blowjobs and eat the women out. Anna still lets me fuck her in the ass but they won't let me fuck their pussies. Anna's wedding was great. I got to fuck her ass and I got to see Sam fuck a black man for the first time. As we left the reception, Sam had me eat her out in the parking garage. I know Mark is clueless until that fateful day, just like I was.