Wife And Best Friend After Our Party

When I decided to tell the stories about my wife fucking my best friend, I naturally chose to start with the first time they fucked each other, as the first story, and then continue adding new stories, until the last time they fucked. That's the reason I wrote the six different stories about my wife Ann, and my best friend Bob. If you have read them, this little story will make perfect sense to you. If you haven't read them, I hope you enjoy it anyway.In my first story, Wife and Friend Fuck For The First Time #1of 6, I tell about how Ann and I went to San Diego to keep Bob company while his wife and young ones were out of town for a long weekend. It ended up being one of the hottest, nastiest nights, any of the three of us have ever experienced. I started with that night because it was the first time they actually fucked each other, or more accurately, it was the first time they successfully fucked each other. They tried desperately once before that night. I hadn't written about that earlier time because of the way it turned out, but after telling the story to a couple of friends, they suggested that was still a hot story, and encourage me to share it. Here it is.The night in San Diego at Bob's house, was the first time my wife fucked another guy since we had been married, but we had been fueling our own passions for almost a year before that night, by fantasizing about her seducing Bob. We both wanted it to happened, and actively thought about how to set up situations where it would be possible. I did my part by getting high with Bob every time we were around each other, and spending most of the night talking with him about how sexy Ann was. I would tell Bob all the wet details of what it was like to fuck her. I even told him it was okay with me if he fucked Ann someday. He would get so worked up, that sometimes he looked like a snorting bull, ready to charge in where she was and take her whether she liked it or not. Finally that night at his house, that's almost what happened, and I was an eyewitness to one of the hottest explosions of passion, and downright nasty, cum covered sexual exhibitions I've ever seen in my life. My first story made it sound like that was the very beginning, but it wasn’t.Actually, the very first thing that ever happened with them, is something I never wrote about until now. As I think back on what happened the night in San Diego, the explosive passion I watched, was probably a result of the pent up sexual frustrations they both had to live with for months after this night I'm about to tell you about. They couldn't wait to get at each other again.In a later story, I believe it's the fourth one, I tell about Ann and I setting up a hidden camera in our bedroom closet. As I wrote that story it probably sounds like we set up the camera at that time. In reality, Ann and I worked out our basic ideas for a hidden camera, and shooting a secret video after the strip poker game from the first story. The camera in our master bedroom had been ready long before the first time they actually fucked down at his house. What happened is this. Like I said, the camera had been set up months before, just to be ready.We decided to have a large party at our house, and invited a number of old friends from down in San Diego. It was a fun party, and as it got later, and later, everybody got fucked up. Most of our guests had left by then, but several out of town couples weren't in any shape to drive home. Bob and his wife Kim, were among that group. We prepared in advance because we anticipated this happening, so people were crashed on couches, and in sleeping bags all over the living room and den, which were both downstairs. Two bedrooms and my office were upstairs away from all the others.Bob's wife went to bed around 2 AM. Ann had given her and Bob the guest room upstairs. Bob and I were standing together in the kitchen when Ann walked up to us and said something about, Kim's asleep, and I know you guys will talk all night, so I'm going to bed. After everyone seemed to be settled for the night, Bob and I went out on the patio to shoot the shit, and have a drink. A little while later, the door to the patio opened, and it was Ann standing there wearing a short silk robe. Bob's back was to the door so he didn't see her at first. He also didn't see that when she turned around, she let the robe fall open. Underneath the robe, Ann was wearing a sheer, white negligée with nothing underneath. She walked up to where we were sitting and you could see right through it. She asked me if I had remembered to turn off all the hot tub equipment. The hot tub was on an upstairs deck above the garage, and she was right, I hadn't turned it off. Ann was still standing next to Bob's chair when I excused myself to make my way upstairs and take care of the hot tub. Bob and Ann had been flirting with each other all evening, but I hadn't thought much about it.We had a house full of guests downstairs, and Bob's wife sleeping upstairs, so my fantasies were one of the last things on my mind. I didn't give a thought to something happening that night, so I certainly wasn't prepared for what I saw next.It had been something like seven or eight minutes since I left the two of them, when I finished turning off the hot tub, and putting the cover back on. That's when the first horny thought hit me. I wondered why Ann chose that outfit, and further, why didn't she tie her robe when she came out to ask me about the hot tub. From one back corner of that upstairs deck I was on, it was possible to catch a glance of the patio. I couldn't help myself, so I quietly made my way to the back corner, and carefully peeked over the wall. Ann was still standing in the same place, and the only light was from a large, citrus bug candle sitting on the patio table. Bob had turned his chair a little toward her, and she was standing directly in between my viewpoint, and that three wick candle. Ann was stroking Bob’s hair, and I could see the candle light shining right through the sheer white material. Looking closer, I saw that Bob had one hand on her ass cheek, and the other one between her legs. I could only see it moving underneath the see-through white material, but he was clearly playing with her pussy. I watched for several minutes, and soon I was pretty sure from Ann’s soft moans, and the way she was rhythmically moving her hips, that Bob was finger fucking my wife right before my eyes!Finally, I tore myself away and made my way back to the patio. When they heard the door handle turn, Ann quickly stepped to the side, and sat down in a chair not far from Bob's chair. He quickly sat straight up and crossed his arms, trying to act disinterested. I couldn't help noticing the two middle fingers of Bob’s right hand, glistening in the candlelight, as my wife's pussy juice trickled down his fingers. I took a seat on a nearby recliner, and leaned back. At first there was a nervous silence, and then Ann said to me, "It's so nice out here tonight, did you ever think about sleeping out here?"I got the hint, so I told her, "That actually sounds fantastic to me. I'm so tired, I think I'll try it." I closed my eyes and pretended to drift off. Within a very short time, Bob stood up, announced that he was going to bed, and headed for the doors. It was somewhere around 4 AM by then, and after waiting about five minutes, Ann got up and walked to my lounge chair. Shebent down to give me a kiss on the lips, then whispered in my ear, "Wait five minutes, then Turn on the camera." And off she went. I was blown away. Somehow she had convinced Bob that I wouldn't wake up, and told him to meet her in the master bedroom. After five minutes or so, I made my way up the stairs.The master bedroom door was closed, so I easily slipped into my office, closed the door, and turned on the camera. There they were on the bed, making out, and groping each other feverishly. This was my actual first experience, and I ran through the entire range of emotions as I watched.It was Ann's first time ever with another man, and she had forgotten one very important thing. She didn't leave any lights on. The video was such bad quality that I didn't even keep it. It wouldn't mean anything to anyone other than myself, but even though I couldn't see a great deal of detail, there was no mistaking what the dark figures were doing. Bob fingered her a lot, and I could see when Ann arched her back, lifting her hips high off the bed to meet his mouth when Bob was eating her pussy. I saw him get between her legs in missionary position, and hump on her, but only for a matter of seconds. After that, Ann pushed him onto his back and started sucking his dick. Fortunately it was nearing sunrise and the brightening of the sky was beginning to light up the room . With the improved light, the camera started to function much better. That's when I first saw the problem. Bob and I had both been snorting coke, and drinking vodka for most of the evening, and He couldn't get hard. Ann was furiously jerking him off, and sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. There was no question about how much Ann wanted him to fuck her while I was watching. Finally after some very hard work on her part, Bob’s cock was sticking straight up.Ann wasted no time in mounting him cow girl, and his cock slid easily into her soaked pussy. Her pretty ass started pumping up and down on his cock at 100 miles an hour. I thought the way she was fucking him would make him cum in seconds, but instead of seeing him fill her pussy with hot sperm, the next thing I saw was his limp dick flopping out of her cunt.It just wasn't going to happen. Bob went down on her again, and started sucking her clit, but Ann was far too frustrated. After trying for a few more minutes, they both gave up.I hustled back down to the recliner. I learned later that they parted ways right after that, to sleep for the night. Bob left with his wife the next morning while Ann was still sleeping in. Bob didn't mention anything to me beforeleaving, and the two of them NEVER talked about that night. It would be four and a half months before they would see each other again. The next time they saw each other, is the night they exploded on each other.After I snuck into his bedroom that night, I hid at the foot of his king size bed, where I watched it all. I peeked over the mattress, only inches away, while they fucked each others brains out. Before they were done, Bob filled my pretty wife’s cunt with a load he must have been saving for her since the night of the party. I wrote about that unbelievable creampie in my first posted story. I described it as a bucket of hot cum shot into my wife’s cunt. Before their final fuck, Bob would blast equally impressive loads in all my wife’s sexy holes. He face fucked her so hard once, I thought she was going to suffocate. One of his enormous ejaculations completely filled her throat, her mouth, and blew cum bubbles from her nose as she tried to catch her breath. Bob was the first man in Ann’s life to fuck her in the ass. That was something Ann absolutely did not allow, but somehow he managed to make massive cum deposits deep inside Ann’s pink asshole on a few occasions. So that's the rest of the truth about how things started with my wife, and mybest friend. I hope you liked it! 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