Wife Made Me GayMaker

The next weekend, we decided to go to a concert and arranged for my parents to watch our daughter. We headed to the city to go to the show, but on the way, my wife pulled up in front of a motel and said, “room 105”. “What?”, I asked. “Get inside and go to room 105, that’s where he’s waiting for you.” “What the hell are you talking about?”“Get your ass inside now, you don’t want to be late or who knows what he’ll do.”My mind raced, I didn’t know what to do, but I slowly opened the door and got out of the car and she pulled away, leaving me standing there. Almost in a trance, I walked towards the motel and found myself standing in front of room 105. I knocked and could hear movement inside and then the door opened. There was a good looking man about my age standing there and he looked at me and said, “Get on your knees.”I looked around and started to try to walk into the room first, but he just repeated, “Get on your knees.”I was standing on the front entryway, in plain view of the street and anyone in the parking lot. There were some other people on the balcony farther down, but I slowly dropped to my knees as he’d told me. “What are you doing here?”, he asked.“You told me to meet you here.”“I know I told you to meet me here, but why did you?”“I couldn’t help it”, I replied.“Because you’re a slut and you want my cum, don’t you”, he barked, loud enough for the people down the hall to hear.“Yes”, I replied meekly.“What, I didn’t hear you”, he said back, again in a rather loud voice.“Because I’m a slut and I want your cum”, I said loud enough to satisfy him and, to my embarrassment, to catch the attention of the people down the hall.“Then crawl in, slut”I crawled into the room on my knees. He took a couple of steps back so that he was standing next to the bed and told me to unbuckle his pants. I could see the bulge in his pants and my hands shook as I undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. I reached around his waist and started to slide his pants and underwear down. I could feel the knot in my stomach clenching tightly as I lifted the front of his underwear to free his cock as I slid them down. His cock was big and beautiful, just as he’d told us and as my eyes fixed on it, my head bent involuntarily forward to take it into my mouth. His hand went quickly to my forehead to keep me from it and a small moan escaped me. He took his cock in his hand and brushed it along my cheek. He slowly rubbed his hot cock all over my face, eliciting one long whimper from me. “Do you want to suck it?” he teased.“Please, let me suck it.”“I’m not sure you really want it”, he teased again.“Oh, please, I want your cock. I want to suck it til you cum all over me. Please, please let me suck your cock.”“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, slut, but don’t you dare suck it.”I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, wanting his hot cock in my mouth more than anything. He wiped the head of his cock slowly along my tongue and again I moaned quietly. He stuck his cock into my mouth and slowly slid it back and forth, not letting me suck on it. I could taste it and wanted it so badly that my balls ached and I thought I would cum in my pants. “Yea, you’re a little cock sucking whore, listen to you moan”, he taunted. He continued to slowly slide his cock in and out of my mouth and I could taste the musky flavor of his cock and feel the heat of it. My face was flush with excitement and I could feel the throbbing of my own cock when he finally said, “Suck it.” My mouth closed over his cock and I began to suck it ravenously. “Yea, suck my cock, slut. Suck it good. I’m going to cum all over you you whore. That’s want you want, isn’t it?” “Mmmmm”, I moaned. He pushed me away from him, “Tell me that’s want you want slut!” “Please, that’s want I want. Let me suck your cock until you cum all over me. I’ll do anything you want, please.”“That’s right, you’ll do anything I want. You’re my fucking slave, now suck my cock.”I lunged back at him, needing his cock back in my mouth. Feverishly, I sucked his cock, bobbing my head up and down on it in rhythm with my hand stroking up and down the length of his fat shaft. He reached over and drew back the curtain on the front window of the room. I didn’t care, I couldn’t have stopped sucking him even if I’d told myself that I wanted to. Even when I realized that the people that had been down the hall were now standing in front of the window, I couldn’t bring myself to take his cock out of my mouth. There were three of them, all men, standing there at the window watching, staring in amazement and fascination. They were each rubbing their cocks through their pants and my master turned to be sure that they got a good view. I could feel his cock start to grow even harder and I knew I was about to get my first taste of cum. “Lean against the bed”, he groaned. I shifted around on the floor so that I was sitting next to the bed and leaning back against it. He stood in front of me and then leaned into me, his hands extended on the bed behind me and began to fuck my face. His back was now to the window and the men could see his ass move back and forth as he shoved his cock in and out of my mouth. “Don’t you swallow it”, he croaked as I felt his body tense. I felt the first huge rush of cum shoot into my mouth. I couldn’t have taken another drop in my mouth without swallowing or choking when he pulled his cock out and stroked it quickly. Spurt after spurt shot out of his cock, landing hot on my face. I whimpered, and cum began to pour from my swollen prick, filling my pants. He stepped away and I could see the three guys still looking in the window as I sat there on the floor with my mouth full of cum and more dripping down my face. “Open your mouth”, he commanded. I leaned my head back, my eyes closing, savoring the erotic taste and feel of the cum all over me, I opened my mouth so that the guys at the window could see the cum filling it to overflowing. “Now you can swallow it slut!” The guys stared in through the window as I drank down the hot load in my mouth. I could feel two sharp throbs of my cock, forcing more cum out of me in response to the arousal of swallowing down that cum while they stared.“Now go to the door and invite them in. Tell them you need more”Again, or still, in a daze, I went to the door and opened it. “Please, come in. I need more cock. I need all the cum you can give me.”The men hurried through the door and my master told me, “First, sit in the chair so I can show them what a whore you are.” I went to the chair in the corner and sat down, while the four of them watched me.“You came in your pants from sucking me, didn’t you?”.“Yes”, I croaked.“Open up your pants and show them how turned on you got from me cumming in your face.”I unbuckled my pants and pulled my pants and underwear down past my still hard, but fading cock. The cum was all over my cock and my underwear and strings of it stretched obscenely as I pulled my underwear away from my cock.“Wipe yourself up, you disgusting slut.”I wiped my hand over my crotch collecting as much of the cum that had spilled there as I could.“Now lick your hand clean.” Said one of the men that was standing there.Obediently, I licked the cum from my hand as my master told me to take off my clothes.“Now get on the bed and you’re going to get the fucking a whore deserves.”I laid back on the bed, but he told me to get on my hands and knees.As I turned and got onto all fours, my cock dangled heavily under me and could feel it growing hard again. I looked over and watched them undress and my cock began to throb and my asshole ached to be fucked. The first guy came around in front of me and before I new even what was happening, he shoved his cock into my mouth. His cock was rock hard from watching my command performance and he began to roughly fuck my face. He reached under me and grabbed hold of my nipples and began tugging on them, pulling me forward as he thrust his hips and shoved his cock down my throat. I had to quickly relax my throat to keep from choking, but it was obvious that he didn’t care. My mouth was just a hole for him to use. I was only more turned on by being used so roughly and the tugging on my nipples made me ache for even more. I felt the cold sensation of lube on my ass and the pressing of a cock quickly followed it. I forced my ass back onto it, trying everything to satisfy the aching in my balls. I felt the hard cock slide slowly into me and hips soon pressing against my ass. He grabbed my hips and soon there was a rhythm with me slamming back and forth between the cock in my mouth and the one in my ass. I could hear the whirring of a video camera, but was too immersed in my primal lust to care. The man in my mouth couldn’t stand it for long and I felt him pulse and his cum began to pour into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could and he pulled out and left the rest dripping down my chin and mixing with the load on my face. When he stepped away, I could see that two of the other guys couldn’t wait their turn and there was one bent over in front of me, getting his ass fucked by the other. I moaned at the sight as I watched and felt the cock continuing to saw in and out of my ass.The man that had cum in my mouth handed me something and told me to wipe the cum off my face. I didn’t really want to wipe the cum off my face and it seemed strange that he would let me, when I realized that he’d handed me my cum soaked underwear. “Wipe it”, he commanded.I wiped the underwear around my face, mostly smearing the cum all over, but wiping some up too. He took the underwear from me and put it on the bed in front of me and forced me face down into it. I dropped from all fours to be on my knees with my face buried in the bed. The man that was fucking me leaned forward and began to fuck me even harder, forcing my face down into the bed. I could feel my face slide around in the puddle of cum that I was forced into and I could feel the cock in my ass swell with arousal of what they were forcing me to do. The first hot spurts of cum blasted inside my ass and I moaned into the sticky mess in my face. He quickly pulled out and shot gob after gob onto my back and I just moaned helplessly. As he slowly recovered from his orgasm, he reached forward and grabbed me by the hair. He lifted my head to watch the last of the orgasm that the man in front of me was having. He grabbed the hips of the guy he was fucking and I could see him convulse for what seemed like forever. By the time he stepped back, I could see the cum running out of the ass and down the leg of the guy bent over in front of me. As soon as the guy that was being fucked began to recover, he turned and backed into me. He pushed his ass back towards me and I couldn’t help but extend my tongue to lick the cum from around his hole. I heard him moan and my cock throbbed even more in response.“Yea, clean up his ass good you little cum slut”, I heard my master spit.I could see from the corner of my eye that he was still filming, but I still didn’t care. All I could think about was satisfying my lust. I licked greedily at the cum flowing steadily out of his ass and licked up and down his thighs. Moaning with each mouthful that I swallowed. When I’d thoroughly cleaned him, he moved around behind me and flipped me over onto my back. He lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders and I watched his huge cock push against my ass. He dropped onto me, sinking his cock all the way to his balls, forcing a short gasp out of me. “Oh god, yea, fuck me hard”, I blurted.“Someone put a cock in this slut’s mouth to shut him up”, he called to the others.They all seemed to be revived again by then and my master set the camera on the table to film as they all piled onto the bed around me. The guy fucking me was the only one in the room that hadn’t cum yet and he seemed to be taking it out on my ass. He grabbed my ankles, forcing them even farther back, lifting my ass up off the bed and he slammed his hips forward, throwing all of his weight onto me and shoving the full length of his cock into me with each thrust. I was suddenly surrounded by all three of the other guys and I quickly took a cock in each hand, guiding one to my mouth. I tried to pleasure all of them at once, raising my ass to meet his forceful thrusts and stroking and sucking every cock I could reach. They each told me what a dirty slut I was and that they were going to finish using me until there was nothing left. I felt my cock begin a slow contraction and I was so used up that the cum began to slowly pour from my cock in a steady stream rather than a convulsive spurt. I felt the guy in my ass swell impossibly harder and his cock throb before I felt his hot cum squirt inside me. It seemed that each of the cocks over me began to throb and cum in unison, each of them shooting huge loads all over my face and body. The guy fucking my ass slid slowly out of me and dropped my legs, which fell limply against the bed. My arms splayed out to my sides and I was barely conscious as they got dressed and left. It was an hour later before I realized that I was lying on the bed in full view of the window, with cum dripping from my ass and covered from my head to my thighs with more cum than I’d ever imagined. My wife was sitting in the chair in the corner, waiting for me to wake up, holding a videocassette.