Will and his mothers trip to the Ryder Cup

Will was suffering another boring day at work when he received a call from his father. He informed him that the planned trip to America his father had planned for his mother was in jeopardy as his father had to work, despite booking the time off a number of months ago. He asked Will if there was any way he could take his father’s place on the trip in place of him and all expenses would be covered by his father.As Will had always fancied his mother, even to the extent of secretly filming her in the shower, he jumped at the chance. Not only was it a good time to spend some time together where he could hopefully get chance to play with her panties, it was to America to watch the Ryder cup.Before he knew it the departure day had arrived and the pair of them was driven to the airport by his father, who once again thanked him and handed him a large amount of dollars and said do whatever it takes to make mum happy!!The flight to America was fairly uneventful other than to grab the odd glimpse of his mum’s cleavage as she slept. They arrived in Minnesota and proceeded to collect the hire car all booked and paid for. They arrived at THE WESTIN EDINA GALLERIA, short distance from the course. They checked in and never thought when they were addressed as Mr & Mrs Yates, as this was both their names, and made their way up to their room. On opening the door they were greeted to the most luxurious room with a fantastic view from their window. The one thing neither of them had thought of was checking on the accommodation facilities prior to departure. There in the middle of the room was a king size bed and no other bed. Hallie, his mother, called down to reception to see if they could swap the room for a twin, only to be told the hotel was fully booked, as was all the hotels in the area. Will smiled inside and said “let’s just make the most of what we have I shall sleep on the sofa”. They both freshened up and decided to take a walk around and have a meal before retiring after their long journey. The local restaurant was very nice and the waiter thought that Will and Hallie was actually a couple more than mother and son. Hallie enjoyed the attention and the mistake made making her feel youthful again, not that she was old by any means but in her mind she was. As they left the restaurant Hallie held Wills hand as they walked the short distance back to the hotel, smiling inside all the way. Once back in the hotel Hallie suggested they had a drink at the bar, which was totally unlike her as she rarely drank at home. Will happily agreed and loved spending time with her as a couple. The drink coupled with being tired soon had an effect on Hallie and she became drunk very quick. They both agreed it was time for retiring and headed up to their room. Hallie was very unsteady on her feet as they made the short walk to the lift causing Will to put his arm around her for support. His thumb was touching her right boob which gave him an instant hard on. Once in the room he put his mum on the bed where she immediately fell backwards. Will went to the toilet and returned to the bedroom where his mum was trying, unsuccessfully, to get undressed. She asked him to help her, which he did, until she was in her bra and pants. He took in all her glory and sported a huge hard on instantly. Hopefully she wouldn’t notice this. “Mum, I shall sleep in the chair” and proceeded to grab a couple of pillows.“no you don’t Mr”, she replied “this bed is plenty big enough for both of us”This was the answer Will had hoped for and stripped down to his boxer shorts and jumped in to bed. Hallie went to the toilet and to Wills surprise when she returned she had not put her knickers back on and proudly displayed her fully shaven pussy. She climbed into bed with her back to Will and asked him to undo the clasp on her bra. Will happily agreed and she said “Thank you Terry, which is his dads name” This comment shot Will back to reality, but his mind started churning all sorts of sexy thoughts. It wasn’t long before Hallie rolled over to cuddle Will, thinking in her drunken state it was her husband in bed with her. Will did not know how to react, should he cuddle her back, should he roll over, should he get out of bed altogether? So many issues running through his mind. He wanted desperately to make love to his mum for many years, even spying on her and filming her with hidden cameras. Finding his dads porn pics of her was his best ever achievement, in his mind, and now here he is in bed with his mother naked at the side of him he was frozen solid with fear. He decided to roll over with his back to his mum, after taking one more look at her fine boobs. They both fell asleep with his mother cuddling him. Will woke early in the morning partly through wanting to piss partly through time zone change. He got up and went to the toilet and returned to the bedroom where the covers were down at his mother’s waist exposing her great boobs. Will tentatively returned to the bed now worrying that his mother may freak finding him at her side when she woke although he was enjoying the site too much to care. He slowly started to play with himself while watching his mother sleep. The movement in the bed must have been an all too common motion to Hallie as she rolled over and reached down in a state of haze. Slowly grabbing Will’s aching cock she started to wank him off slowly. Will thought he was going to explode but was also panicking as he knew at some stage his mother was going to wake up and realise he was not her husband. Just as that thought hit him her eyes opened and she immediately realised it was her son she had hold of and not her husband. “Will I am so sorry” she said, although she had not released her grip, she had stopped pumping his throbbing cock but it was too late as Will was too close and couldn’t stop the inevitable from happening. His cock spurted more cum than he had ever spunked in his life, he thought it would never stop. “Oh my god” was all Hallie could say still holding his cock as her hand was covered in the sticky mess. “Mum I am so sorry” was all Will could say. And at that point they both looked at each other and started laughing. This was a relief for both of them as neither knew how to react otherwise. “Well I guess we really are a couple then” Hallie tried to break the uncomfortable silence. Again will apologised. “Lets get dressed and go down for breakfast” was the only reply his mother made. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom then re-emerged with a towel for will to clean himself up with. During breakfast hardly a word was spoke other than the normal pass the salt etc. Will thought he had made a grave mistake and things would never be the same again. He was so correct.